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People of ModSquad — October 2019

Welcome back to the second installment of our People of ModSquad series. Each article draws the curtain back to introduce you to one of the amazing folks who work at our company. This time, we’re visiting the Finance department to have a chat with one of the important folks who keep the wheels greased and running smoothly. Please say hello to Misty Hammett!

Misty’s a pop-culture enthusiast, and her varied interests in media have led her to some impressive introductions that are out of this world – and in the virtual one! A true Southerner, Misty was born and raised in Mississippi and currently lives in Texas. She showed her passion for the arts early on, majoring in vocal performance and teaching music to elementary-school students for many years.

When she’s not enjoying the company of her husband and three cats, Misty’s grooving on Star Wars movies, singing and dancing with the Houston Show Choir (with which she sang backup for Barry Manilow), and hitting Duran Duran concerts whenever possible. (A “card-carrying ‘Duranie’ since the early 80s,” Misty’s seen the band perform all over the U.S. and has even met the group.)

Her love of the band led her to the Second Life virtual world when fans congregated there in anticipation of an online Duran Duran presence. She stuck around the popular digital realm and found a job there, working as a community host and manager for several television programs and a professional sports league. During her time in Second Life, she met author Dean Koontz and even inhabited 50 Cent’s avatar during a special appearance by the rapper-actor. Before long, she made her way over to the then-monikered Metaverse Mod Squad, where she worked on projects for Gossip Girl, Army OneSource, and the NFL. She also served as moderator for several children’s games. You might not have recognized her, though, since she appeared in the virtual space as “a big yellow dinosaur and a cute red panda!”

As time went on, Misty applied for another role at ModSquad, where she now very ably fills the demanding role of Admin, Payroll. “I do everything I can to make sure everyone gets paid correctly for the work they do at ModSquad!” she says. “That’s what gives me the most satisfaction.”

Her team provides enthusiastic accolades for the hard-working Misty, and she reciprocates. “I appreciate ModSquad for the opportunities I have been given,” she says, noting that her flexible schedule is a huge benefit. She still performs with the show choir, which serves as Misty’s creative outlet, and enjoys the ability to work while putting on shows or tending to family needs. As for us, we’ll be first in line to get her autograph when her show comes to town!

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Talk Back

Marco Scardella
Posted on October 22, 2019

Congrats Misty! 🙂

Posted on October 22, 2019

Congratulations Misty! It’s been wonderful working with you these 10 years… and even better to have finally met in person! <3 Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

Amy P
Posted on October 22, 2019

YAY, Misty! I hope you are going to our Extra Life in Second Life party on Friday! See you there!

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