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People of ModSquad — July 2021

ModSquad’s Services team features many familiar faces to regular readers of the Mod Blog, from our amazing Mods to our powerhouse Project Managers and Account Managers. But there’s another group of talented people who work very closely with our clients in our Services group. One such person is Brand Representative and Lead Shannon M. She’s a key player in a successful support partnership between ModSquad and one of the world’s most popular streaming video platforms.

As a member of ModSquad’s Services team, providing assistance to client customers is a major part of the job. Shannon goes about fulfilling that responsibility in a variety of ways: “I wear a lot of hats,” she says. A typical day has Shannon doing customer-facing work, interacting with clients, and doing a wide variety of behind-the-scenes tasks that support both the project group and the client. That includes a lot of writing and documentation, to Shannon’s delight. “A friend of mine who worked here suggested that I might enjoy a writing-intensive job,” recalls Shannon. “He was right!”

As a self-described “former U.S. military brat,” Shannon grew up in many places, but was born and spent much of her youth in Seoul, South Korea. This former globetrotter is close with her three siblings and twenty-something cousins. She enjoys reading and writing science-fiction/fantasy and playing Dungeons and Dragons. An avid gamer for more than 30 years, she collects gaming and comics memorabilia.

With all of that moving and travel in her past, Shannon is content to work and live in one location and finds that the work-from-home life suits her well. Part of her enjoyment of remote work she credits to her experience with ModSquad’s company culture. “ModSquad provides great support and is flexible and human-powered enough to recognize that we’re all people living real lives.”

Interacting with those people is a highlight of her job — including the “pretty intense gif-offs” she and colleagues participate in. And there’s another group of people who help make Shannon’s day — the client customers. “Being able to reverse a negative experience for a customer and turn it into something they’re happy with is always great,” she notes.

That sense of accomplishment and pride in one’s work is something Shannon encourages from those on her project. She strives to keep everyone “motivated to continually grow and constantly learn, both in work-related skills and as generally awesome people.” As one of those awesome people herself, Shannon considers herself lucky to work with “great people who want to excel.” Sounds to us like Shannon has found her people. And we couldn’t be happier to have her on the team!

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