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People of ModSquad — July 2019

We’re excited to introduce you to our new series, The People of ModSquad, in celebration of the incredible individuals who make our business world go ’round! We wouldn’t be who we are without the amazing folks who work with passion and care deeply about the clients and customers we support. 

To kick it off, it feels only right to visit our PeopleOps team. They are the wonderful recruiters, administrators, and human resource professionals who are responsible for growing our Mod network and supporting our people each and every day. From that fine group, it is our privilege to present Symone Sullivan. 

Symone was born and raised in Santa Monica, California, and currently lives in Salem, Oregon. She studied psychology and minored in industrial organizational psychology at Pepperdine University. During college, she spent a year studying abroad in what is now her favorite city in the world, London. After her studies, she found her way into HR through an internship with a publishing company. As Symone continued down her career path, it happily led her to ModSquad. 

“After moving to Oregon, I was looking for a new job,” she recalls. “I turned down a few offers because I really wanted something that I felt passionate about and had some flexibility. I came across a job posting for ModSquad and after reading up on the company I was really excited about what the company was doing! I applied, and the rest is history!” Today, as a Recruiter on our People Ops team, Symone is responsible for end-to-end recruitment, from sourcing to onboarding our amazing talent.

When not meeting applicants and securing the best and the brightest for ModSquad, Symone enjoys reading, trying new foods, and traveling. But even when she’s not able to journey far and wide, Symone loves that she gets to meet new people from around the world through her work at ModSquad. “I’ve worked on cool projects that required sourcing from all over the globe,” she says. “Australia, UK, Japan, Germany, you name it. I love that even when I’m not traveling, I still get to learn new things and talk with candidates worldwide. It’s a unique experience that makes work so special.”

Building friendly relationships with ModSquad colleagues is a source of joy for Symone. “The most entertaining moments for me are when we have our Recruiting Weekly calls,” she says. “This is when our recruiting group comes together to give and get updates and really keep in touch with each other. We diligently discuss all things recruiting but have a great time talking with one another as we do it.”

As someone who sees her share of applicants and new recruits, Symone is in a good position to offer a bit of advice for those coming onboard. “The best advice I can give someone joining ModSquad is to be flexible, go with the flow, and ask questions. Things are fast paced and change often, but people are always willing and ready to help. So stay on your toes and enjoy the ride along the way!”

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Love having you as part of the team!

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    Nice Article
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