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People of ModSquad — January 2020

We’re back with the third installment of our People of ModSquad series, where we highlight some of the incredible folks who help us keep the lights on. This time around, we’re heading over to the Marketing team to meet one of the key people behind this very blog, Richard E.

In his role as Marketing Manager, Richard is responsible for much of the content that ModSquad produces, from marketing collateral like case studies and data sheets to website landing pages and promotional copy. That means he gets the chance to collaborate with many of the folks at ModSquad on a regular basis. Richard says that working with people from other departments at ModSquad is always interesting.

He also has the opportunity to work directly with clients when he’s assembling case studies or spotlights for the blog. “As the person who promotes the work we do, I know how amazing our project and client lists are,” he says. “I always feel a sense of pride when our clients explain how much ModSquad has affected their business for the better.”

Before joining ModSquad, Richard worked in several marketing, communications, and editorial positions at major media conglomerates. A few fun facts about Richard–he was labeled “a million-dollar writer” by the late Pulitzer Prize-winning author Oscar Hijuelos, dubbed “a real joker” by Howard Stern, and called “a walking encyclopedia on the movie industry” by a president of one of the major Hollywood studios–all true!

Throughout his five years at ModSquad, Richard has contributed to dozens of projects, but his favorite memories are all associated with the times when the team has gotten together in person. “Working remotely, I talk with my coworkers online all the time, but don’t often get to spend time with them,” he says. “We’ve assembled such a strong group of smart, talented, and, yes, funny people that it’s always a delight to be in their company. It’s the people that make this job special.”

Richard also cites the people of ModSquad as the secret ingredient that sets the company apart. “From the executive team on down, when you see the skills and experience that our people have, you can’t help but be impressed. As you speak with them and see them in action, especially on interdepartmental efforts like our annual Extra Life fundraising event, you understand how passionate everyone is about the work we do and the difference we can make to projects, to our clients, and to the end users.”

His advice for anyone looking for remote work? “Take the time to get to know the people you’re working with. There’s much to learn from this group. It’s been very rewarding collaborating with my colleagues. I don’t think I’ve ever learned as much about the different elements that go into a successful business as I have in this position.”

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Posted on January 14, 2020

Nice to see you on the “other side” of the blog, Richard! And nice to have you as part of the ModSquad family. 🙂

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