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People of ModSquad — April 2021

ModSquad has mastered the art of remote work since its 2007 founding. While the vast majority of the company works from home, ModSquad does have Operations Centers around the world, such as its Sacramento, California location. One of the cheery folks who grace the Sac office (in non-pandemic times) is Renee Jackson. As Senior Accountant, Renee is a member of the Finance and Accounting team and someone whose enthusiasm is matched only by her considerable skills.

A true Californian born and bred, Renee transitioned from NorCal’s Bay Area to the state capital of Sacramento. “I was looking for employment in accounting at a company that was fun and exciting,” she recalls. “ModSquad was the perfect fit! It offered a fun-filled group in the Sacramento office and also offered flexibility that was perfect.”

That flexibility is a key selling point to people like Renee, who match their boundless work energy with active personal lives. “I love to spend time with my family,” says Renee of her husband and three kids. “We’re a rather athletic family, so you can often find us on a field, court, or gym.” When she’s not running or hiking through the wilds of Cali, Renee settles in at home to do baking and craftworks, “making bracelets, personalized cups, shirts, and such.”

Renee keeps up a similar momentum at ModSquad. She works with all of the company’s clients to bill, collect, and process payments, in addition to many other accounting duties. She also helps with finance software implementations. Even when deadlines are tight, Renee’s hard work keeps things on track. 

It’s probably no surprise that someone with Renee’s energy and drive would consider pulling an all-nighter to be her favorite time at ModSquad. But when it’s all for a noble cause, it’s easy to understand why. “My proudest moment was staying up until 5 a.m. one year for the Extra Life fundraising marathon!” she says. This 24-hour gaming event raises money for sick and injured kids, and staying awake through the night with colleagues is both exhilarating and exhausting. Still, Renee thinks it’s worth every minute. “Extra Life is by far my favorite part of the year at ModSquad.”

What makes events like Extra Life as well as her everyday tasks so unique are the individuals Renee interacts with on a regular basis. She notes, “ModSquad has an awesome group of people, truly. Not only are the Accounting folks awesome, but the Mods, AMs, PMs, directors, and executives are all great people. Everyone I’ve had the pleasure to work with has a positive, outgoing attitude.” Renee attributes this to ModSquad’s remote model. “Most people work remotely, which helps people to enjoy their life outside of work. Work hard, play hard!” And that sounds like Renee to a T.

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Posted on April 8, 2021

w00t w00t Renee! It’s always a pleasure working with you!

Posted on April 8, 2021

I have had the pleasure of working closely with Renee since I started ModSquad. She continues to guide and assist me daily with the most positive attitude. Her sense of humor alway brightened any moment. Congrats on the well deserved recognition.

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