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Operators Are Standing By!

retro_gpo_phone_squareWell, that’s not really true.  Our “operators” are busy handling calls, emails, tweets and posts from our clients’ customers and users.  However, you actually can reach out to Metaverse Mod Squad now by telephone now – and it’s toll free!

contact page numbers screenshotYou’ve always been able to speak with us via our individual phones and Skype, but this week we added an honest-to-goodness set of telephone numbers on our website’s Contact page.  In addition to local phone numbers for Sacramento and Brooklyn, we’ve included a toll-free number:  855.818.MODS.  That’s right, it’s 855.818.M-O-D-S.

But wait, there’s more.  Greeting our callers is an interactive voice response (IVR) menu provided by our friends at Ifbyphone, featuring the smooth vocalistic stylings of one of our very own.  We rejected the idea of using some robot or voice actor, especially when we learned that Julie the Operator Lady  was unavailable.

So we held a tryout contest for our managers and mods in our online Staff Lounge to find the talent we needed.  We weren’t disappointed!  This company has some incredible voices and real hams.  We had supervillains and kids and a James Brown impersonator (ed. note: who most certainly, positively was NOT our CEO, Amy) and everything in between.  They were all terrific, but there could only be one winner and we decided on the Voice of Metaverse Mod Squad . . . Ryan Cundiff!

ryan cundiff rock 2

Ryan won a $100 gift card for his efforts and went on to record the voice menus our callers will hear when they dial us up.  In fact, we ended up giving every entrant a $50 gift card because we had such a hard time deciding on the winner and ALL of them were better than Julie the Operator Lady!

Got a question for us?  Call now!  855.818.MODS.  That’s right, 855.818 . . . MODS.

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