New Kid on the Block: ModSquad Office Opening in Austin, Texas

A couple of days ago, we made our South by Southwest debut. Austin, Texas will never be the same… literally. While we’ll soon be packing up our booth, we’re excited to share that this won’t be just a one-time visit to ATX. SXSW may grace the city only once a year, but ModSquad is taking up permanent residence in the Silicon Hills. Our new Austin office is set to open in May 2017!

While the majority of our 10,000+ Mods around the world work remotely, our Austin office will augment our existing operation centers in Sacramento, California, and Londonderry, Northern Ireland. As the home base for our Services and Business Operations teams, planting roots in Austin will allow us to enhance our relationships with our clients in and around Austin, as well as build new ones.

“Austin is a business-friendly hub with vibrant tech, video game, and e-commerce sectors, and we’ve been considering an expansion here for quite some time. We already have a number of clients and employees based in Austin and we’re excited to have an even larger and more involved presence now.” —Amy Pritchard, CEO

Our new office is located at 1611 West Avenue, in the historic Edgar Perry House. The house is a perfect representation of ModSquad’s mission, which is to provide a comfortable, inviting workplace that’s the polar opposite of your traditional cube farm. With its large windows welcoming in the bright Austin sun, our Ops Center workers will be positioned throughout the house’s many architecturally unique rooms. ModSquad knows that creating a welcoming, collaborative environment for our people is the best way to ensure their success. And that’s reflected in the work we do for our clients.

Built in 1909, the house has been home to a number of prominent figures in Austin’s history, including Edgar Perry himself, a well-known cotton merchant focused on making Austin “a nicer place to live.” A supporter of the YWCA and the Austin Symphony, Perry was a founding board member of The Austin Club and was one of the initial developers of Highland Park West and Highland Park neighborhoods.

Nobody has told us for sure whether the house is haunted, but if it is, we hope Perry will visit us to share some of his business skills. The technology we use to support our clients is a bit more advanced than the cotton gin, but we’re sure Perry would be happy to know we’re as committed as he was to seeing Austin flourish. And that starts with the smart, polished people who will be populating ModSquad’s latest digs.

One thing’s for certain — when SXSW 2018 rolls around, we’ll have a lot less traveling to do to get there.

downtown Austin pano.jpg” by Steve is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

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Meghan Puglisi
Posted on March 15, 2017

gorgeous place!

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