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ModSquad Gets Into the Halloween Spirit

In a year that’s served up its share of tricks (the murder hornets were the icing on the cake), we’re here to offer you a real treat — our annual ModSquad Halloween costume gallery!

For some, Halloween 2020 may be going ahead as normal. But others have had parties cancelled and trick-or-treating put on hold due to social distancing. Whatever your situation, we’re here to offer a ghoulish delight with our roundup of favorite costumes from this and recent years. So pull up a coffin and rest your weary bones a while. Come, enjoy our virtual Halloween celebration!

Here’s a trio we never expected to see: It’s a skeleton, Jojo Siwa, and Bob Ross (Aunya R. with her stepdaughter and husband)! Looks like the skeleton’s not the biggest fan of Ross’ “happy little trees”!

A real-life masterpiece in our midst, Danielle D. makes herself up as one of Roy Lichtenstein’s pop-art pieces.

Boo who? It’s Mike and Sulley to the rescue! Halsey B. and his son are dressed up as Monstropolis’s favorite Monsters Inc. characters.

Psst… Don’t tell, but Hazel D. is secretly a Minion for the despicable Gru! She’d better watch out for her heroic boys, a.k.a. Spider-Man and Toy Story’s Woody!

Direct from Bob’s Burgers, it’s the wise-beyond-her-years Louise Belcher herself, as ably portrayed by Kelly A.

Beware the dark on Halloween! Kelly T. shared this picture of her little shadow creatures.

Kenny P. must have an entire closet of Halloween costumes! If you recall last year’s installment, you’ll know he is a master of disguise! Here, Kenny’s stylin’ in his best 80’s duds, chillin’ as Dustin from Stranger Things, and just hangin’ as Carl Brutananadilewski from Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

The truth is out there, in a parking garage! Kristina B. is undercover as Dana Scully from The X-Files. At right, she and a friend show off their best steampunk garb.

The Force is strong in this family. Leilani F., ready to attack some clones as Star Wars’ Padme, poses with her sister (as a droid) and her mom (outfitted as Princess Leia).

When Samantha W.’s family dresses up for Halloween, even the pets dress up! From left to right, her son in a creepy costume, her daughter and dog in cat masks, and her boxer with cat ears. Dogs dressed as cats? Oh, the humiliation!

Stephanie L.’s children are dressed and ready for trick-or-treating. Later, when the sun goes down, she can enjoy her own super-cool pumpkin carvings, her favorite thing to do at Halloween time. (Neat Oogie-Boogie Man, Stephanie!)

Hide the pins, because here comes voodoo doll Tera T! She’s seen here with her sons, dressed up as Red Dead Redemption’s John Marsten and Iron Man himself, Tony Stark. We love that voodoo that you three do!

From all of us at ModSquad — Happy Halloween!

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