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ModSquad Brings Blue Skies to America’s Friendliest Airport

Serving 44 million passengers annually, Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport is one of the ten busiest airports in the United States. When any organization is tasked with assisting more than 100,000 customers per day, it can be overwhelming to their support systems. That’s why Phoenix relied on ModSquad to implement a Zendesk customer support solution. Working with multiple divisions at the airport, contacts at external organizations, and key stakeholders in the local government, ModSquad established a user-friendly help portal and customer management system that’s cleared for takeoff.

In a fascinating (if we do say so ourselves) new case study, you’ll discover how ModSquad worked with scores of business units within the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport (PHX) system — including restaurants, stores, independent vendors, and three sister airports — to develop an all-encompassing help system powered by Zendesk.

In one of the largest installation and consulting tasks in ModSquad’s history, our experts worked closely with key project stakeholders as we integrated the look and feel of their existing brand into a new solution. This was vital to the ultimate success of the project; proper implementation of the airport’s recognizable brand and style into this unique navigation system was a major factor in creating an effective self-help customer portal.

ModSquad ensured that the new help portal enveloped all existing customer data, eliminating the need for returning customers to re-enter information, and making it possible to track trouble spots for the end user. Thanks to the system’s improved automation, real-world support requests have plummeted, freeing the PHX team to concentrate on other revenue-generating projects. The addition of community support sites enabled super users to help other travelers, fostering a loyalty to — and connection with — the PHX brand. As a result, the new system isn’t just an operational cost-savings generator; it also drives loyalty and revenue to the airport.

With so many disparate groups brought together for this project, it was no small task to satisfy all the requirements of Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport. ModSquad’s consulting team helped bring it all together as one, a unified customer support solution that underscores PHX’s well-earned reputation as America’s Friendliest Airport. Get a behind-the-scenes look at how it was all accomplished in this new case study from ModSquad.

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