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Mods Reveal Their Artistic Flair

In past articles we’ve explored the many talents and hobbies of our Mods. With each article, it becomes more apparent that there’s no shortage of incredibly talented individuals here at ModSquad. From artists and musicians to sculptors and authors, our Squad is full of passionate people who put their talents to work — both on and off the clock.

Since art is an ongoing process, our incredible Mods wanted to give a look into what they’re creating now — some projects may even be considered works in progress. Regardless, they provide insight into the creative, talented individuals we have the pleasure of working with on a daily basis.

Acrylic Painting

Cindy Z.’s project involves mixing acrylic paint with different textures and natural elements like seashells and sand to create a beautiful depiction of the aquatic world. The addition of the shells and seaweed gives this piece a distinctly 3D effect.

“I love art,” says Cindy. “It’s so calming. The process of creating something while not knowing how it’s going to turn out is peaceful in its own way. I like the idea of using existing material to create something new. If it turns out different than anticipated, well, Bob Ross used to call them ‘happy little accidents,” right?”

Watercolor Painting

This rainbow illustration was originally part of a coloring book that Deborah F. used in an effort to perfect her watercolor skills. The end result is vivid, colorful, and full of dimension. Deborah recalls what prompted her to take up this new pastime: “I recently realized that I’ve been too disconnected with my hobbies and wasn’t doing anything during my free time other than looking at social media. I felt like trying to work on art projects again, but I didn’t know where to start. I thought that getting some coloring books would be good for training. I’ve been experimenting with different mediums, and watercolor has been my favorite. Once I feel confident enough, I intend to create my own watercolor art from scratch.”

Steel Drum Percussion

Learning a new instrument is always a challenge, but it can also be rewarding and empowering. Already an experienced musician, Francesco U. decided it was time to take on the steel tongue drum: “At the beginning of lockdown and social distancing, many people were busy with new activities, mixing creativity and fun. I dove into my passion, music. I’ve been playing the guitar for years, but I thought this was the right time to hear something new. So I took up the steel tongue drum, which is also known as the tank drum.”

Paint-By-Numbers Kits

Painting takes time, skill, and a steady hand, which Jenny Y. is just discovering. She’s found a fun, relaxing way to make stunning art at home: “I’ve been leaning into new hobbies these months. On a whim, I ordered a paint-by-numbers kit and have fallen in love with it. Here is an elephant I’ve been working on recently.”

Clay Sculpting

Robert B.’s art is at the same time quirky and creepy, which he fully admits. “I enjoy making all sorts of goofy, spooky artwork,” he says. He made the sculpture at left by creating each skull separately and then melding them into a heart-shaped piece. The sculpture at right didn’t quite turn out as Robert expected, both in its execution and in its final use: “I intended this to be a squid in a pool, with a kid inside the pool who is oblivious to the squid. Instead, I decided to leave it as is. Now I sometimes put mints inside it.” Robert’s recent creations may soon have company on his display shelf. He notes, “It’s been a while since I worked with clay, but my friend just got a kiln and I’m eager to give it another go.”

Spooky Props

Another art project that screams Halloween comes from Danielle D. She’s putting her own unique spin on some frightening classics with creations as bright and colorful as they are spooky and scary. At left, adding primary colors to a skeleton prop makes for a surprising combination. At right, other bright creations adorn her workshop.


Some artistic pursuits don’t necessarily lend themselves to great imagery; such is the case with Rochelle H.’s passion project. She’s busy putting words to the page as she writes her first novel.

“I love to write,” she says. “I’ve been writing and telling stories for years and always have a new idea bouncing around, ready to be written down. My latest project is a book that follows a woman afflicted with a mysterious disease called the Pariah’s Curse, which may be linked to abilities that could change her and the people she loves. There’s still quite a lot to do on this rough draft, but it’s fun to create a unique world and see it come to life.”

We’re incredibly proud of the amazing talents of our Mods and eagerly await their next artistic creation, whether it be a work of art, a musical performance, or a best-selling novel. Until then, we hope they enjoy the happiness and creative spark they get from pursuing their creative passions.

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