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Mods Enrich a Global Celebration of St. Patrick’s Day

When Kermit told the world, “it’s not easy being green,” he had clearly never met our friends at Tourism Ireland! Ireland is green year-round, but St. Patrick’s Day is even more noteworthy because the whole world turns green. We couldn’t be more excited to support Tourism Ireland in their celebrations of the holiday and Irish culture.

To celebrate St. Patrick’s Day tomorrow, Tourism Ireland, together with local partners around the world, will roll out its annual Global Greening, turning iconic buildings and monuments green. From Italy’s Leaning Tower of Pisa, to the Great Wall of China, to the Empire State Building in New York City, Irish pride will be hard to miss! Many of our Mods – located in our Derry/Londonderry, Northern Ireland operations centre and remotely around the world – are already very busy as they actively engage visitors and fans across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

In addition to our day-to-day work sharing the beauty of Ireland with overseas travelers, our Mods are getting the word out about St. Patrick’s Day events taking place across the island. They’re also monitoring and engaging influencers on social media, facilitating a photo competition on Instagram, chatting with fans during a livestream of a St Patrick’s Day concert, and engaging with fans during a live feed of the Dublin St Patrick’s Day parade.

Our team is already seeing increased chatter on Tourism Ireland’s channels, and we are preparing for even more great interactions and opportunities to build community and encourage Irish travel year-round. And after the fairy dust settles following the excitement of St. Patrick’s Day, our Mods will still be online, helping travelers plan their dream vacations to the Emerald Isle.

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