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Our Many Mod Talents and Hobbies

It’s been an interesting year, one that has given many of us more time to explore new and different pastimes and projects. Our Mod crew is no different. Over the years, we’ve explored the incredible passions and abilities of those who make up our Squad. Now it’s time to check back in to what our crafty colleagues have been up to lately. From renovations to thriving gardens, 2020 has proven to be a busy time for these amazingly motivated Mods.

Home Renovation

“My wife and I bought our first home in spring, 2018. As much as we loved the house, there were several cosmetic changes we wanted to make, not least of which was to create more usable space in our back garden. We had an area roughly eight meters squared filled with stones, which was not very practical for garden furniture of any kind. So we finally decided to dig it out and pave the area. We started this work a few weeks ago and recently finished. We’re really pleased with the final outcome. All we need now is a nice fire pit and some seating and we’ll have that cozy, inviting garden area we’ve been wanting to enjoy for the last two years!”
— Neil C.


“I like crochet because it’s an art form that can be approached mathematically, or like a language that can be learned and applied in any way you can dream up. Coming up with an abstract concept and figuring out how you can make it happen in a 3-D space is very satisfying. It also teaches concentration and can be meditative, depending on the pattern and complexity. If you have any thoughts you need to work out, or problems that need to be solved, picking up a crochet hook and making something simple and repetitive can help jog the brain and lead to creative solutions.”
— Geneva H.


“The thing I enjoyed most of all about my garden, especially this year, was the peace of mind it offers. It gave me a way to disconnect from everything, to be calm and focused on something that I could feel in control of.”
— Aunya R.


“This is basically my stress relief. I have some Adirondack chairs in the works, but due to a high demand on wood during COVID-19, I’m waiting on some cedar wood to become available. Most of my projects are done with my seven-year-old. He has a full understanding of the tape measure now and even uses my power tools with me supervising. It’s great quality time, and he’s learning at the same time.”
— Halsey B.

Cricut Designs

“This July I got a Cricut machine for my birthday. I wanted to start a funny side project that will keep me creative. I started doing cups with famous quotes. I’m at the beginning of my journey and I’m having a lot of fun!”
— Pamela V.

Cross Stitching

“I am definitely a crafty person! I’ve loved crafting since I was very young and have ventured into everything, from silversmithing and wood painting to crochet and now cross stitching. My favorite part of cross stitching is that it starts out quite abstract, just a bunch of little Xs in a piece of cloth that start to take shape as you go. It’s the perfect way to unwind while I watch TV. I feel I’m still doing something useful while I relax!”
— Gloriana O.

Cosplay Materials

“I make cosplay materials, because it gives me something substantial to hold onto. Playing these characters allows me to step into a different role for a short time. Making the costumes itself is a peaceful, almost meditative act, very relaxing, and honestly, simply fun.”
— Ian G.

Mixed Media Art 

“I have a lot of hobbies and interests. I love books, cooking, and trying out new things. For my mental well-being I need to create things in different ways with different materials. I like doing artsy things like drawing and using mixed materials, e.g., real roses, barbwire and acrylic paint. I also like old-fashioned hobby crafts like embroidery and knitting.”
— Gina H.

So there you have it — from woodworking to handcrafting items, our Mods keep their creative juices flowing and their spirits high with fun and creative hobbies. We’re so impressed by this imaginative and talented group of people! 

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