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It’s Finally 2021! Here Are Our Resolutions

For people around the world, the new year represents a kind of cosmic rebirth — a chance to begin anew. It’s a hopeful time where everyone can look forward to trying a little harder and living a little better. After a very long year, we can all agree that it’s time to kiss goodbye to 2020 and get a fresh start.

Many of us here at ModSquad plan to do just that. We’re ushering in 2021 in big ways, with resolutions and ideas to take us to new heights in the new year. Here are a few of the ways that our Mods plan to make this a brighter and happier year.

“Here are some of my resolutions for the New Year to come: I’d like to stay healthy, keep my vegan diet, and focus on family, traveling, and self-happiness. Those are important! I’m already planning to visit a bit of Europe, and hope to meet some colleagues from ModSquad.”
— Justine L.

“My resolution is to spend an hour each day writing and another hour reading an actual book, not just scooting through my smartphone screen.”
— Robert B.

“My New Year’s resolution is to focus on growing my own personal social platforms. It’s very easy to neglect your personal platforms when things are busy, and I’m looking to break that!”
— Matt S.

“This year, I want to take the time to improve myself physically, though hard work and regular exercise. After a year indoors, it’ll be nice to spend more time concentrating on feeling better. I look forward to the challenge of losing weight and getting to a place where I can feel proud of myself.”
— Rochelle H.

“I spent the last few years losing more than 120 lbs, but due to lockdown, I put some of it back on. (That’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.) My goal for 2021 is to get back on track and get back to my target weight. I’m hoping sometime soon we can get back into the office and see our colleagues.”
— Mark R.

“My resolution is to do something active every day. Not only to stay physically fit — it’s good for my mental health, too!”
— Brittany F.

“My 2021 resolution has three major goals: 1, Finish my university studies. 2, Keep growing at ModSquad. 3, Move to Canada!”
— Sebastian L.

“My New Year’s resolution for 2021 is to learn to be more self-sufficient, as far as hunting, fishing, and farming is concerned. My husband and I want to buy a good amount of land and work it.”
— Danielle L.

“After a year that has felt totally out of control, with many ups and downs, I’ve decided to focus on the things that are in my control. Recently, I took part in a squat challenge for the American Cancer Society in honor of my mom, whom I lost to ovarian cancer years back. I joined a group of amazing folks who focused on supporting each other and achieving the goal of 1,500 squats by December 2. I exceeded the goal and, in turn, gained strength and a sense of peace. I noticed the total control I had over this. So I’ve decided to continue by hitting between 25 and 100 squats per day in 2021. Through this challenge, I met many new folks. We shared joy and positive energy with each other and encouraged one another to keep going. I will focus on spreading love, peace, and joy to my family, friends, and everyone I meet in 2021.”
— Dawn B.

“For my New Year’s resolution, I plan to eat much healthier food, focusing more on good nutrients and relying less on quick, empty meals and junk food. This will help… Wait a minute, did you say the McRib is back? Uhh, forget what I just said. Gotta go!”
— Richard E.

“My New Year’s resolution is to be more present and focus on my immediate goals. 2020 was a long year and I’m excited to start fresh with a new outlook!”
— Caroline M.

“My resolution is to incorporate more of the more positive aspects of 2020 into my life. To stay home more, to really play with my child, and to find new ways to become a better human.”
— Brandy C.

With that, we say a final farewell to a year like no other. With a hopeful sense of renewal and energy, we’re looking forward to 2021. To all of our Mod Blog readers, Happy New Year!

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