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Metaverse Mod Squad Teams With Sunleaf Studios For Pandanda® Online Game For Kids

Premiere 2nd Generation Virtual Playground Brings Community to a New Level

• SACRAMENTO, CA /May 11, 2009 – Metaverse Mod Squad announced today it has teamed up with Sunleaf Studios to manage and moderate the online community of Pandanda®, an upstart virtual playground for kids and their parents.

• Pandanda® is an exciting and safe online virtual world where players can create their own red panda avatar and explore, go questing, collect gems, catch fish, buy outfits, play mini-games, decorate their tree house, and make new friends.

• Metaverse Mod Squad’s team of moderators can be found in-world, welcoming and engaging players, monitoring chat, fostering a positive atmosphere, and working to maintain a safe environment.

• Now in open beta, Pandanda® has seen impressive growth to 50,000 registered users. In addition to its substantial North American user base, the virtual world is enjoying significant global traffic, especially from Europe and South America. Features in development that will debut at launch later this year will define Pandanda® as the premiere 2nd generation kids virtual world.

• “We are raising the bar on how kids interact, compete, and play in virtual playgrounds,” says Martin Rae of Sunleaf Studios. “With Metaverse Mod Squad, we have teamed with the experts in community building.”

• “Pandanda® is leading the way for a second-generation of virtual playgrounds,” says Amy Pritchard, CEO of Metaverse Mod Squad. “Our moderators have already fallen in love with the site, and we see a very bright future for the Pandanda® community.”


For a Pandanda® YouTube video, click here.

For Pandanda® pictures, click here and here.


About Sunleaf Studios:

Sunleaf Studios is the developer of Pandanda®, an online multiplayer web based game for kids. Several veterans of the software game development industry formed the company in the spring of 2007. With backgrounds ranging from game design, art, programming, and business management, the company has the professional skills needed to create fresh and innovative software. It is located in Redmond, Washington. For more information, please see

About Metaverse Mod Squad:

Metaverse Mod Squad avatars and the people behind them work in online communities to promote brands, entertain audiences, and protect the safety of children. From community managers to moderators to customer support teams, the company works with marquee clients to create exciting, safe, and profitable experiences in virtual worlds, MMOs, and online message boards. For more information, please see

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