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Metaverse Mod Squad Opens Operations Center in Sacramento

We’re pleased to report that we have opened a new operations center in Sacramento, California.  We will continue to use remote workers from around the world, but we will also be hiring as many as 50 experienced professionals to work in our new facility, including staffers for a yet-to-be-announced outsourcing project that is slated to launch early next year.

Our new facility in California’s capital city is located in a historic, transit-oriented and mixed-use neighborhood on the outskirts of Midtown, in the R Street Corridor.  The building at 1300 S. Street (13th and S) was the first converted loft project from acclaimed Sacramento redeveloper Heller Pacific.  The company considered a number of sites but settled on Sacramento due to its close proximity to the game developers of San Francisco and its educated and efficient labor force.

From its inception in 2007 until now, the company of approximately 75 employees and contractors has worked entirely remotely, utilizing AIM, Skype, Basecamp, and even the virtual world Second Life to service clients that include The CW Network, Warner Bros., U.S. Dept. of State, Electronic Arts and Hasbro, Reel FX, and Sunleaf Studios.

“Our remote mods have earned a well-deserved reputation for being the most fun and reliable group of people you’ll never meet,” said Metaverse Mod Squad CEO Amy Pritchard, who lives and works in Sacramento.  “Our challenge in opening this (literally) brick-and-mortar operation is to maintain our energetic, innovative, and close-knit company culture.  By fully and quickly integrating our new on-site team with our long-time remote workers, we intend to do just that.  I don’t want our new home to feel like an office, but rather a relaxed place to collaborate and engage our virtual communities.”

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