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A Halloween Review, ModSquad Style!

Halloween really is the best, especially when surrounded by people who love to dress up! Between the cosplayers and Comic-Con lovers among us, we have more than enough wigs and props to go around, no matter what the occasion. When it comes to October 31st, we definitely love to put our creativity on display.

Check out this year’s awesome costumes and celebrations around the world from our the endlessly inventive folks at ModSquad.

Costumes abound at our Sacramento Operations Center

Our Austin Operations Center was well into the spirit of the holiday

In Derry, Northern Ireland, where our other Operations Center is located, Halloween is a huge deal.

Tera T. and her family sure know how to celebrate!

Kristina B. dressed as a unicorn, complete with her handmade headpiece. Her roommate was an elf from Dragon Age.

Krista R. and her family were dressed to impress for trick-or-treating.

Monica A., her husband, and her friend were enjoying the panda life. (Anyone have some bamboo?)

Izzy N. as Rainbow Brite (need to fuel up if we’re going to make it to Rainbow Land).

Gotta love Theresa G.’s flower power and her Halloween-spirited family.

Kim M.’s daughter trick-or-treated as a huntress. Watch out — she has good aim!

Make sure to put a lid on your candy buckets. Stacy L.’s granddaughter is the cutest raccoon around!

Beware the witching hour at Christie R.’s house!

Kelly A. of Team Rocket was on the prowl. Meee-owth, that’s right!

Has anyone seen Amy P.’s daughter Mary? We believe she may have been captured by aliens.

There you have it, another spooktacular mid-week treat to go along nicely with your leftover candy. A huge shout-out to everyone who shared their Halloween spirit with us — just a bit more proof Mod creativity knows no bounds.

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