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Improving Customer Experience Through Agent Efficiency

It’s impossible to talk about brand without talking about the customer experience. Maintaining your customers’ satisfaction with — and loyalty to — your brand requires your entire organization to focus on that end user. But it’s your customer support agents who are your front line in sustaining that loyalty. That’s no trivial task. When a consumer contacts an ecommerce retailer about an order problem, they expect the support agent to fully understand everything related to that order. If the agent has to access a different CRM system in order to proceed, that delays the interaction.

This ability to resolve a customer issue plays a big part in loyalty and impacts the likelihood of that person recommending your product or service. To provide exceptional support, customer experience professionals require solutions that drive efficiency by providing easy access to a complete view of the customer within a dashboard or single pane of glass.

One such solution is Zendesk Sunshine, an open customer relationship management (CRM) platform introduced in late 2018. The flexibility of Sunshine, which runs on Amazon Web Services, helps businesses seamlessly connect a variety of systems and external data sources into a single dashboard. The ability to glean insights from the data stored in Sunshine goes a long way toward creating an improved and more personalized customer experience.

Using this data through each step of the customer journey is more efficient when it’s available in a “single pane of glass,” as we’ve seen in our own work for clients. Having a single place to see all bits of customer information helps agents quickly address issues, improving agent efficiency and making for a better experience. Less time on a support call makes for a happier customer.

With Zendesk Sunshine, developers can build and integrate customer information that lives in other systems without having to learn a new, potentially complicated programming language, which can delay or obstruct projects. Custom apps can be easily tweaked and improved, allowing support teams to stay on the cutting edge of technology with much less overhead. Whether you are a small business or an enterprise organization, the time saved can really add up.

Overall agent efficiency is a top priority for ModSquad so that we can ensure the highest possible satisfaction for our client’s customers. Integrating and mastering the latest tools, such as Sunshine, is a vital step toward increasing efficiencies on behalf of clients. Having that expert-level knowledge of such systems offers clients the widest range of options as we work with them to identify the tools to create the optimal customer support environment. At the end of the day, creating a great customer experience is what it’s all about.

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