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The Importance of Relationship Building in Business

In her role as Director, Client Services, Renee Odunaiya oversees ModSquad’s many client partnerships. With client relationships the cornerstone of any business, we asked Renee to share her thoughts on successful relationship management.

If you’re a success-driven person or organization, you likely agree with the notion that success begins and ends with relationships. We hear all the time the importance of networking; establishing and maintaining relationships will often determine your overall success, both personally and professionally. It’s all about people.

We’ve learned over the years the impact that all of these relationships can have, and you want to ensure those lasting effects are positive. No matter where you are or what you do, handling your brand wisely isn’t just smart, it’s necessary. Just as key relationships can make your business, mishandling your connections can also have an adverse effect. How you interact with your network (e.g., on social media in your off-hours) can be a reflection on your brand. 

ModSquad is not only in partnerships with every client and customer, we consider ourselves in a relationship with them; a healthy, thriving relationship. With that mindset, we’ve instituted the following key business principles for managing those relationships successfully.

When in business, every relationship matters. Whether it’s via community, confidants, mentorship, networking, or providing a service, every professional relationship plays an important role. Your company’s reputation is built upon more than just your products and services and your advertising. Building a solid relationship is creating an asset that’s just as valuable to your company — if not more so — than the materials or services you provide.

You’re advertising your business whether or not you’re working. Just as we discussed the need to be mindful of every interaction with your network, it’s just as easy to be a positive representation of your company in your regular communications with clients, partners, customers, and other professionals. Your confidence, expertise, and passion for the work will serve not only you, but also your company.

Every relationship is not for your business, but every business requires relationships. You always should prune your relationships and ensure you are engaged with those who represent your business well. Your image is created not just internally, but by those whom you serve.

Relationships evolve over time. Modern business relationships encompass interactions between parties at multiple organizational levels. From sales to operations to finance, different personalities may rotate in and out of both organizations. Strive to maintain a strong, positive relationship between all parties.

Relationships can be simultaneously tough and rewarding. All relationships will have a lesson that should give insight into improving your business. Always ask, What did I learn here?

Never burn bridges. You may put up caution tape, but don’t burn it all down. Keep calm and professional, and think about your long-term strategy. Relationships evolve; the players in each professional relationship may change. Maintain positivity and cordiality; your other relationships will likely notice as well.

Our valued partners believe in our business and appreciate our relational approach. We hear on a regular basis that we treat our clients’ business as an extension of our own. We help clients build and maintain strong relationships with their customers. Those clients recognize that we’re invested in their success just as much as our own. For their success is our success. The key to that success begins and ends with, you guessed it, relationships.

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