Need Seasonal Support? Your Worries Are Over

If Peak Staffing Gives You the Chills, Here’s a Hot Solution

It’s the nightmare of every support-team manager. That time of year when extra support is necessary to meet the tidal wave of demand that accompanies holiday sales, anniversary promotions, or big new releases. Those harried HR folks have to advertise for temporary help, sort through the replies that come in, then conduct a series of interviews.

But it doesn’t end there. Once the offer is made to the right folks, contracts have to be signed, tax forms collected, pay systems updated with new registrants, and policies presented to ensure the new team is aware of company expectations. Then the newcomers have to be provided with equipment (you do have the tools and space, right?) and trained.

Oh, yes, training. It takes an average of three work weeks to get a newcomer fully up to speed. Sure, if they’ve got experience they might be able to jump in and make a go of it. But if you’ve got them acting as customer support agents, that’s a risky proposition. Are they fully versed on your product line or services? Do they have the emotional intelligence required to empathize with your customers? Pity their poor manager, who’ll have to juggle their orientation with the needs of their existing staff, all while dealing with a huge influx in tickets (calls, emails, live chat, etc.) and trying to keep response times down to reasonable numbers.

Is your stress level up, thinking about all this? That’s why we’re here to tell you… there’s a better way. Outsourced seasonal support. (What we call “ModSourcing.”)

Supplement your workforce with a flexible, remote team that can ramp up to provide as much support as you need — up to 24/7/365 availability, in dozens and dozens of languages, based in more than 70 countries around the world. Need additional content moderators or social media specialists? Want to bulk up your community engagement? Or do you simply need more people to answer calls and emails? We’re here for you, with seasoned, professional workers who already have an affinity for your product or service. (That’s why we place them on your support team.)

Think of all the headaches, outlined above, that you’ll avoid:

  • No hiring and recurring onboarding
  • No overwhelming paperwork and tax forms
  • No training of multiple employees
  • No new equipment needed and no physical overhead costs
  • No scheduling of myriad support-team members
  • No downsizing when the peak period ends

Ramp up quickly and scale down just as fast with as many or as few hours as you need. Flexible staffing ensures that you don’t pay for time that you won’t use. With detailed reporting and transparent pricing, this is a clear win for you, your HR team, the managers of your staff, and certainly for your customers.

Wake up from the traditional nightmare of seasonal support. Remember, you’ve got ModSquad on your side now — no more need to worry! Go ahead, hit that snooze button — we won’t tell.

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