How We Recharge: Taking Time For Ourselves

We spend quite a bit of time online. Not only is it what we do, it’s also what we love. But just like the devices that make up our digital playground, we also need to regularly switch off and recharge for optimum performance.

So what do the people of ModSquad do to unwind? When not managing online communities or providing great customer support, we can be found enjoying our hobbies and feeding our passions, from gardening to photography and everything in between. Here are a few of the ways we make time to enjoy our time offline.

I usually unwind by drawing! I love drawing character design, still life, and abstract art both in traditional media and digital media. I’m always seeking to experiment with new ways and styles of creating art and telling stories with my characters. It’s cathartic to be able to turn any feelings, be they positive or negative, into something fun to look at!
— Matt W., Tennessee

Art by Matt W.

My favorite thing to do is just write. Over the years, I’ve designed worlds for my characters, stories, and scenes, in which I can get lost for hours. There’s something very calming about being in control, which writing provides. I also enjoy being able to disappear into someone else’s skin for just a bit, so to speak. It can be a bit of an escape to leave behind everyday stress.
— Rochelle H., Alabama

For me, it’s very relaxing to be able to sit out on the back porch with a glass of wine and a good book and just disconnect, even if it’s for a short time.
— Rich W., California

My favorite way to unwind is road trips. Oregon has lots of gorgeous mountains, lakes, beaches, and cute towns within an easy day trip from where I’m located.
— Ellen B., Oregon

Photos by Ellen B.

I try to find time for yoga at least every other day. Now that spring is here, I look forward to doing this in the garden in the sun. A walk in the park or forest helps to recharge, as does sitting in the sun for at least half an hour a day with either some hobby craft (knit, stitch, crochet, weaving) or a book.
— Gina-Maria W., Germany

In our area, we have a walking path that winds around some ponds, with lots of gators, frogs, and crazy birds to watch. When I need a minute, I go outside and walk around the path to enjoy nature and the wildlife that this beautiful place has to offer.
— Jenn G., Florida

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Talk Back

Posted on May 23, 2019

Great ways to unwind! I have reignited my love of reading this year and have read some really good books. I also craft with friends (make cards, scrapbooks, etc.) We like doing escape rooms with our kids too. 🙂

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