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How to Protect Your Peace As a Social Media Manager

Why, hello! Chelse H. here. I’m a ModSquad Digital Strategist and Community Manager. I love what I do and I’m thankful every day for my colleagues and clients because it’s creative high-level time-sensitive work. I’ve been around in the industry long enough to have cultivated some wonderful peer friendships with other strategists and social media managers. And while being a social media manager is fun and exciting, the “always-on” nature of social media can be a (manageable) challenge. 

Here are a few tips I’ve learned during my social media career that I think could help other social media managers excel and avoid dreaded burnout. 

Learning Balance When Being “On” All the Time

When your work requires you to be active on social media, it can seem difficult to disconnect and take a break from the online world. Major world events, breaking news stories, or controversial brand missteps can require a last-minute overhaul of content calendars, requiring a constant 360-degree perspective on current events and trending moments. That said, the first step to being excellent is being excellent to yourself, and acknowledging the parts of yourself that you need to balance and invest in.

Unplugging is typically a good place to start when feeling the urge to reset (think: a cold-turkey digital detox). Even if it’s just for a night or a weekend afternoon, it’s possible to feel refreshed and relieved after disconnecting. This will allow you to be ready to jump back into your role with a clear mind. Social media is on 24/7/365 so relax in knowing that it’ll be there when you’re ready to return.

Consuming for Fun vs. “Doomscrolling

I love social media and internet culture. It’s why I became a social media manager almost 10 years ago. This fast-paced world, where creative colleagues and quirky trends create inspiring experiences, gives me a rush like no other. That’s why I find my thumbs scrolling through miles of content each day.

Avoiding the slip between happy ’net surfing to the dreaded doomscroll (where people lose track of time pouring through doom-’n-gloom content) requires a scoop of finesse and a hefty portion of strong boundaries.

Here are a few tips that help give your eyes, mind, and thumbs a much-needed break:

  • Put your phone upside down so you’re not tempted or distracted by push notifications.
  • Unclench your jaw and give yourself a quick mandible massage.
  • Stand up, take a breath, and stretch.
  • Don’t forget to eat something that grew from the Earth. Seriously. Your body will thank you.

If you’re looking for ways to consume content during your free time that doesn’t require looking at a screen, podcasts are a great alternative that is great for multitaskers. Stream your favorite podcasts to a Bluetooth speaker while doing household chores or taking a stretch break.

Setting Boundaries

Setting boundaries and being your own cheerleader will ultimately make your online experience more enjoyable and your social media career more successful. As a bonus, you’ll be less likely to succumb to burnout, even if you suffer from severe FOMO like me.

For more holistic ways to enjoy social media as a consumer, I highly recommend the following places to start:

  • Set app usage limits and stick to them.
  • Unfollow personal accounts that don’t bring joy.
  • Schedule regular social media breaks.

If you work in social media or content creation, the following advice will ring true:

  • Work with your supervisor to manage expectations from the get-go so everyone is aligned. This conversation looks different for everybody, based on your role or job description, but you’ll know what feels right.

Try things out and get a feel for how you best operate online and on social media. Did we miss a social media-related life hack? Let us know below in the comments.

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Posted on August 24, 2021

Nice tips, Chelse! Appreciate them 🙂

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