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How to Optimize Your Customer Touchpoints

Customer touchpoints are the points of contact between your brand and your customers. They occur throughout the various stages in the customer journey. These crucial points of interaction provide companies with the opportunity to engage consumers, strengthen brand storytelling and awareness, market products and services, and address concerns before they grow large enough to prevent sales.

Many businesses overlook the power of customer touchpoints. Consumers enter into touchpoints with the assumption that they’ll be able to receive support, ask questions, or find out more about a brand and what they have to offer. This means that each individual touchpoint must be:

  • Meaningful to the customer
  • Endearing in a way that creates a bond or increases interest
  • Relevant to the needs of the customer
  • Appropriate to the greater context of the interaction

By ensuring the effectiveness of each touchpoint throughout your customer’s journey, you’ll move them smoothly down the path toward your goal: their decision to make a purchase or sign up for your services. Here are three exercises you can undertake now as you work to optimize your customer touchpoints.

Make the customer journey more efficient. When the efficiency of your customer journey increases, so too does the value of your touchpoints. The best customer support in the world can scarcely make up for shoddy marketing, questionable design choices, or factors like poor pricing and shipping services. If you’re looking to transform your touchpoints into powerful tools that increase consumer engagement, take a look at your brand’s customer journey as a whole and assess:

  • The way you’re acquiring your audience or leads
  • Whether your conversion process is creative and enjoyable for consumers
  • The deals, discounts, or added value you’re offering to customers
  • Whether you’ve optimized for mobile users

Get excited about role reversal. The most logical way to address how to improve consumer touchpoints is actually simple: Put yourself in their shoes. Break down your customers’ journey with your brand into minute steps from beginning to end and get granular. Ask yourself critical, reflective questions about what you’d like to see instead and how your team can improve. Thinking of where to begin can be tough in the moment, so here are some starting questions to ask:

  • What goals are you trying to accomplish?
  • What’s keeping you from accomplishing those goals?
  • Does it seem as though your company is providing enough support to reach these goals?
  • If you could change one thing about the touchpoint you’re assessing, what would it be?
  • Does this touchpoint increase or affirm your trust in your brand?

Partner with an external vendor for support services. In some cases, in-house teams need extra support managing the customer journey. Small teams are sometimes pulled away from their core tasks to handle customer engagement on their own. That’s why your team deserves a support net to rely on. At ModSquad, our Mods are ready to help your company at the drop of the hat; we not only provide stellar customer service but help you better leverage the tools you have to grow your brand and business.

Optimizing your customer touchpoints is essential to cleaning up the gunk that slows and muddles the customer journey. If you’re willing to take the time to self-assess and begin building an end-to-end customer experience that serves those customers, as opposed to pushing for a sale, you’ll be well on your way to success.

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