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ModSquad’s Halloween Costume Showcase

When you’ve got as creative a group as we do here at ModSquad, you just know there are going to be some awesome costumes every Halloween — and this year was no exception. From our operations centers to locations around the world, we’re in full dress-up mode. This photo collection of some clever costumes is all treat, no tricks!

Join us on a not-so-scary celebration of the favorite holiday of ghosts and goblins everywhere.

ModSquad’s Halloween Costume Showcase: Amanda P.

Amanda P. with her butterfly and Daddy Shark

Martina M. from our Derry Operations Center shared these images from the local Halloween festival

ModSquad’s Halloween Costume Showcase: Madalynn R.

Madalynn R. celebrates the witching hour

ModSquad’s Halloween Costume Showcase: Hazel D.

At left above, Hazel D. and hubby as scare-house scarecrows; at right above, her sons dressed as Woody from Toy Story and Chase from Paw Patrol.

Justine L. shows off some creepy-good makeup

ModSquad’s Halloween Costume Showcase: Amanda M.

Amanda M.’s five-month-old great niece loved her unicorn outfit so much, she couldn’t keep still!

“I’m from the U.S. but am currently living in Argentina, where they don’t celebrate Halloween. After a few years of missing the festivities, I decided to start a tradition with my son, who was three at the time. I bought candy and gave it to neighbors, who would then hand the candy to my costumed son when he’d knock on their door.” — Juan-karlo G.

ModSquad’s Halloween Costume Showcase: Jess H

Jess H. shares three of her favorite looks, from this Halloween and from years past.

Above left, Gloriana O.’s 13-year-old dachshund toto is one hot dog! Above right, Aunya R. dressed her doggies as Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf (pretending to be Grandma). What sharp teeth you have, Grandma!

Finally, a gallery from Kenny P., who clearly won’t pass up the opportunity to put on a costume!

From all of us at ModSquad — Happy Halloween!

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