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Friday Protip: Address Your Email/PM After Typing

by Sanya Weathers

As community people, we often send private messages or emails to our customers. And despite a thousand warnings that you shouldn’t type while angry, well, sometimes that’s easier said than done.

I long for the day when the Google Neural Net says “Are you sure you want to hit send? Your biometrics indicate anger, adrenaline, and fists of death.”

Until that glorious day, try this. Type the email before you type the email address. Type the private message before you type the player’s name into the address field.

This slows you down in two ways. One, most of us type the address line first. The act of doing something out of order will distract you for what may be the crucial second you need to regain your zen. And two, by the time you finish typing the email, you’ll have an idea of how long the message is.

If it’s long, you did it wrong.

But you won’t be able to immediately hit send on your screed, because you still have to type the address. Again, this buys you crucial seconds to think twice.

Stay cool!

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