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Efficient Customer Communications in the Mobile Space

For many years, the mobile space has been a distinct sector within different markets, from the game industry to e-commerce to educational content. One only has to look at the many mobile-oriented conferences that cover a wide span of industries to see that programs and services designed for mobile devices continue to retain a unique set of opportunities… and challenges.

One of the biggest challenges facing those navigating the mobile frontier is that of communications channels. Many companies have the luxury of opting between a wealth of CRM systems and social media channels as they develop their customer communications streams. Yet companies operating in the mobile space are often left wanting; they’re essentially forced to use channels like app stores or the social networks on which the use of their app is most prevalent. By their nature, mobile communities tend to be far-flung, which can make it hard to assemble not just an efficient communications and support strategy, but also the team to make it happen.

This dynamic makes flexibility in customer-facing services vitally important. As you assemble your support team, be sure to address these points:

  • Can your customer support staff answer questions and address reviews on an app store in a diplomatic way?
  • Are you covering all of the languages that your customers are using?
  • How are you maximizing your staff’s time across all the channels that you need to cover?
  • What are you doing with regards to metrics and sentiment analysis across all those channels?
  • How do you cover all these bases in a cost-effective manner?

At ModSquad, we’ve worked with mobile-focused companies for more than a decade and understand the challenges and best practices in providing customer-facing services in the space, such as moderation, social media engagement, community management, and customer service (as chronicled in our recent Client Spotlight on mobile games developer Wooga). Keeping up with the changing trends in this area is important, which is one reason that ModSquad will be attending Pocket Gamer’s PG Connects conference later this month in Seattle.

We’re proud of our history and record of working with some of the biggest players in mobile, and are closely following the newest trends and developments in this exciting space. If you’re heading out to PG Connects, let’s meet up. We’d love to talk mobile, gaming, or any other space in which ModSquad can provide lift for you and your team.

Rich Weil
SVP, Global Operations

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