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Director Profile: Stephen Dunne

We last checked in with Stephen Dunne in a 2017 Account Manager Spotlight article here in the ModSquad blog. He’s been a very busy fellow since then, playing a key role in ModSquad’s continued European expansion and shepherding scores of major accounts for clients across the continent.

Now, as Director, Client Services, Stephen splits his time between ModSquad’s European Operations Center in Londonderry-Derry, Northern Ireland and his home office in rural Northern Ireland. With the COVID-19 pandemic, he’s been putting in all of his hours from home, where he considers himself “lucky to be surrounded by the Irish rolling countryside and my family.” With his school principal wife and his kids all returning to school, Stephen will have the house to himself during the workday. That’s one of the reasons he enjoys being able to mix things up and spend a few days per week at the office in the busy city of Derry. Another reason? “I miss having a coffee shop within walking distance. I don’t fancy walking 35 minutes to get a caffeine boost!”

What does a typical day look like for you?

My day starts at about 7:30 a.m., when everyone in the family is getting ready for work and school. I normally grab a coffee and check through the overnight email to get caught up on what happened on the other side of the pond while I was sleeping. Then I check my trusted news sources to see what’s happening in the world that might make my work day more interesting! Following that, I’ll catch up with all the EU Account Managers and Project Managers, to check on how they’re getting on and ensure that they have what they need. Later on, I’ll check in with people in the U.S. and spend some time hearing what’s happening, catching up with various teams and planning ahead. No two days at ModSquad are ever quite the same, which makes it interesting. 

Last time we saw you on the blog, you were being featured as an Account Manager. How has your role changed since then?

Starting off as an Account Manager at ModSquad definitely primed me with the company knowledge needed to successfully operate in my current role. Now I’m able to focus more on the bigger picture, help drive the success of our projects, and help our clients reap the benefits of the awesome work we do on a daily basis! 

From your perspective, how has ModSquad changed in the last few years?

ModSquad has grown bigger and better than ever! Having worked in the Derry office, I’ve seen ModSquad’s physical presence in the region grow exponentially. Since becoming a Director, I’ve seen the company grow in both size and strength, and stay on top of — and ahead of — the latest trends and happenings. 

With the Derry office currently closed due to COVID-19, tell us what you most look forward to when everyone’s able to return to it.

We’ve always known how crucial remote work is and how it gives us all the flexibility to create a great work-life balance. Our mastery of the remote model has truly helped in these times. I’ve been fortunate, though, in that I normally get to spend a few days a week in our Derry office. I definitely look forward to getting back and seeing everyone there.

What most excites you about the future of ModSquad?

I always look forward to the next project coming through the door, seeing what awesome companies we’ll get to share experiences with next. I’m also excited to see how we’ll incorporate the next big technological developments into our day-to-day operations, as we continue to make online communities more safe and secure and make customer-support operations more efficient. 

What do you do with your personal time?

Living in the Ards Peninsula, water sports are quite popular, despite the water being so cold! I recently purchased a paddleboard so I can get out on the water. Let’s hope I don’t fall in! Also, I’ve been drawn into the ModSquad lifestyle — I got my first-ever gaming PC! I’ve used it to virtually learn to fly a Cessna 152 around Sedona Airport in Arizona! I’ll keep you posted, but between us, I think I now have the experience to fly a 747 from Heathrow to LAX!

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Talk Back

Posted on September 15, 2020

Let me know when your maiden flight is from Heathrow to LAX and I’ll be on it! 😉 Congrats and so blessed to be able to work with you!

Sandrine C
Posted on September 15, 2020

That’s the sense of humor I’ve been missing since the Office is closed :-)! Congrats, Steve!

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