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Director Profile: Linda Carlson

You know you’re doing something right when one of your clients loves ModSquad so much that she joins the company! Working for years for video game publishing giants Sony Online Entertainment and Trion Worlds, she experienced first-hand ModSquad’s quality work, from moderation to support to testing. It’s no wonder that, given the chance, she decided to join ModSquad herself. Meet Director, Customer Experience Linda Carlson.

Linda joined ModSquad in 2020, a career transition that coincided with her move from California back to her native Canada. Calling her remote position a “great blessing,” she’s not sorry to give up her three-hour daily commute for life on her rural British Columbia farm. “Farming has always been my refuge,” says Linda, and at Mythos Farm she raises Nigerian Dwarf and Oberhasli dairy goats, Juliana miniature pigs, several types of chickens, “and too many dogs. Wait — is there such a thing as too many dogs?”

Tell us about yourself. What was your background before coming to ModSquad?

I have been involved in community management and support services for most of my working life. An avid gamer, I landed a role that evolved to Director of Global Community Relations at Sony Online Entertainment. This was a dream job in every way imaginable, especially when hosting our annual four-day fan event, SOE Fan Faire / SOE Live. I always got to dress up as Brasse the Dwarf, the Dungeons & Dragons character I’d played since my teens.

Later, I managed a brilliant team of community managers at Trion Worlds, and then formed my own consulting agency with a focus on customer experience. In all three jobs, ModSquad was a constant partner, providing moderation, support research and testing teams for the companies I worked with. When the opportunity arose to join the company, I could not say yes fast enough.

What are your primary responsibilities in your role?

In any other company, the Director, Customer Experience would ensure solid support for the paying customer. Here, it means setting up other companies for success with their customers, regardless of industry. I provide both strategic and tactical advisory services for our clients and for our Sales, Account, and Project Managers. I love nothing better than helping folks plan out their needs in moderation, customer support, and community management. No two companies are alike, and no day is ever the same — that’s part of the intense enjoyment I get from working with ModSquad.

What sets ModSquad apart, in your opinion?

I spent a decade as a client of ModSquad, on behalf of several different companies. Let me share the top three reasons for coming back every time, referring ModSquad to others, and, finally, joining this company:

  • Flexibility: ModSquad is able to change parameters, hours, scope, and responsibilities very quickly. As a client, whether I called for emergency coverage for an immediate crisis, short-term research projects due in four days, QA support on a last-minute test, or even event coverage, ModSquad never once said no, even to the most ludicrously challenging requests I sent in. I respect the team for that; they really saved my bacon a few times.
  • Reliability: ModSquad maintains a solid talent pool with remarkably low turnover. Depth and breadth of experience run deep here. Longevity in a contracted support team is important, as knowledge and competence build over time. I enjoyed getting to know the Mods who worked on my projects, and to see the same names over the years. I always felt secure that services would be delivered on time, every time, and done well.
  • Relationships: Everyone I interacted with at ModSquad felt like a partner. There was an inherent investment in success between the Mods and my team. This was unlike my previous experience with contracting agencies, who were just putting bodies in seats. I now carry this philosophy to every project I work on with ModSquad.

What’s your favorite ModSquad memory?

The best part about joining ModSquad was becoming permanent colleagues with the same people I had worked with for a decade. I already thought of them as friends, and now they’re like family!

Aside from taking care of your farm, what are your other interests?

I’m also an artist. It’s a passion that has followed me throughout my life and will inspire me to frequent bursts of creativity in ink, gouache, sculpture, and virtual media.

Additionally, I’ve always taken great pleasure in education and public speaking, presenting at a great many conferences over the years, from GDC to PAX to Gamescom. Sharing knowledge has always been one of my greatest joys, and I always learn something in return. COVID has kept us all apart for some time, but once we’re able to attend game conferences, you’ll certainly find me there, always happy to chat and exchange knowledge!

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