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Community Management and Customer Service

Today, Metaverse Mod Squad announced a strategic partnership with Parature, the global leader in on-demand customer service software.  I think this partnership furthers discussions within the online community profession about what role customer service plays in community management and vice versa.


Our mission at MMS is to make the experiences in online communities safe, exciting, and fun.  As brands continue to make these online communities the focal point of their web presence, customer service has evolved into a natural part of our job.   Essentially managing communities isn’t so different than traditional customer service support.  And when you are in a community 24/7, you know the brand, the product and the message better than even your client.  It is a natural progression to address more traditional customer service needs and who better to do it than those who work in the trenches daily.  It is a solution that provides the most efficient, knowledgeable and cost effective support for our clients.


I think the natural evolution to blend customer service and community management is a real testament to how important community has become, as a central focus for brands and entertainment properties online.  And also what community management is to begin with.  No longer are moderators and professionals the enforcers of the word filter.  We educate, greet, facilitate, and engage user and fans of our clients.  Sounds like customer service to me!


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