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Celebrating 10 Years of ModSquad

Over the past month, ModSquad has been celebrating an extra special event: our 10-year anniversary! With 10,000+ Mods spread around the world, our Modiversary celebrations took many forms so everyone could be a part of the fun, both in the real world and in cyberspace.

First, everyone in the company had the opportunity to gear up for the festivities with some exclusive Modiversary-themed swag, from mugs and water bottles to tote bags and apparel. If you see anyone sporting these duds in your town, you’ll know they’re part of our gang!

We put our team to the test with our month-long daily trivia contest, complete with swagtastic prizes, and they didn’t disappoint. Look at the big brains on our Mods — it’s clear this group knows about all things ModSquad! Want to test your own ModSquad knowledge? See if you can answer these challenging questions. (No scrolling to the bottom for answers until you’ve guessed!)

  1. ModSquad hasn’t always been ModSquad. What was our name when we were first founded?
  2. In which digital bar was the idea for ModSquad hatched?
  3. What college’s esports team does ModSquad officially sponsor?
  4. What was the company’s first slogan, unveiled at the Virtual Worlds Conference in New York in 2008?
  5. In years past, Derry’s City Factory building (home to our European Operations Centre) was known for manufacturing what product?

Then we put out a call to our talented Mods. We wanted to see what fun ModSquad-themed crafts they could come up with, and they didn’t disappoint. To cap it off, many of them were edible, with ModSquad macarons and cakes just daring us not to chow down on them! While we can’t promise all of those edible pieces are still around, we have visual proof of their existence, along with other great offerings:

Check out the winning entry, from Mod Debora Ferraz in Brazil. Yum!

Given our penchant for partying, you know we had to celebrate with anniversary parties in the digital and physical worlds. We kicked things off with a party in the virtual world of Second Life, where ModSquad got its start. It became a reunion of sorts, with familiar faces (okay, avatars) welcoming new friends as they danced and partied in a bash ten years in the making!

And the party wouldn’t be complete without announcing some company superlatives, like Most Organized, Most Tech Savvy, and Sends the Funniest Memes/Gifs.

We also hosted celebratory gatherings at our three operations centers. In Sacramento, California, ModSquad’s original HQ, friends and family got together to share stories, eat, laugh, and even play a few video games.

Our Derry, Northern Ireland team had a lively nighttime shindig…

Folks in our newest operations center, in Austin, Texas, had some zesty BBQ and other good eats. Judging from the picture below, it looks like everything really is bigger in Texas!

And that’s not all! The company nominated and voted for Modiversary parties in other host cities, expanding the celebration around the world.

Mods gathered in Atlanta, Georgia…

Clarksville, Tennessee…

and Torino, Italy.

The group that had planned to get together in Orlando, Florida, was unfortunately hit with severe weather. Instead of postponing the party for a later date, the local group gallantly decided to donate the funds set aside for the party to Hurricane Irma relief efforts, through the nonprofit organization Save the Children.

It’s great to celebrate how far we’ve come, from our early roots captured by our Founder and CEO, Amy Pritchard in the article, “I Freaked Out, Joined the Mods, Went into Business for Myself and Now… We Are All Killing It.” to our most recent press release, ModSquad Turns 10.  The past ten years have been a whirlwind of excitement and activity, and we’re thrilled to see ModSquad continue to grow as we kick off our second decade. Being a part of ModSquad means something to everyone who joins our ranks… in fact, we’ll just let our Mods explain it for themselves. Click the posts below to see what the team has to say.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of our 10th anniversary celebration. Here’s to the next ten years!


Trivia Answers:

  1. Metaverse Mod Squad
  2. The Thirsty Tiger (in Second Life)
  3. Robert Morris University (Go Eagles!)
  4. “Avatar Staffing for Virtual Worlds”
  5. Shirts
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Debora Ferraz
Posted on September 12, 2017

YAY!!! All I have to say is that my cupcakes are definitely not around anymore LOL. Happy birthday, ModSquad!

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