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Case Study: Wooga Levels Up to ModSquad’s Premium Player Support


Video game developer Wooga found success with several breakthrough titles like Pearl’s Peril and June’s Journey. This success grew their global audience, but they needed more resources to support their players and still focus on creating the compelling, interactive games they are known for. As they grew their product offerings and expanded into new markets, they needed to provide customer support in several languages. Yet their in-house support team spoke one language. In addition, they had a growing backlog of tickets they didn’t have time to address without pulling people off other essential tasks.

Happily, it was far from “game over” for Wooga. The company brought in ModSquad to provide Wooga’s growing player base with the support they needed. The Mods’ passionate player support not only saved Wooga money but also freed up their team to do their magic.

In this new case study, find out how:

  • ModSquad’s flexible staffing supports a fast-growing player base
  • Customer support in nine languages enables Wooga’s global growth
  • The Mods’ authentic passion for the games generates insightful player feedback
  • Greater agent efficiency reduces Wooga’s spend
  • Entrusting additional services to the Mods frees Wooga to focus on the bigger picture

Richard Kiernan, Wooga’s Head of Customer Care talks about the Mods’ work. “I cannot emphasize enough how much I value their work and their reliability. It’s a relationship that’s built on trust and fairness, and that’s why I recommend ModSquad,” he says. “They provide the same level of care that we would have in-house. I think they’re just second to none.”

For a closer look at ModSquad and Wooga’s collaborative partnership, don’t miss this new case study.

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