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Bon Voyage, Mod Style!

After a long year and a half, parts of the world are finally starting to open up, making travel an option for many people. Here at ModSquad, we’re an intrepid group of explorers, always ready to check out new cities and countries. So when we asked the Mods where they’re eager to go on holiday — or to share stories from recent travels — they definitely delivered the goods. From reminiscing about past trips in paradise to showing off carefully planned itineraries, here’s what our Mods have to say about traveling the world.

“Working for ModSquad allowed me the flexibility to have a ‘workcation’ from Honolulu, Hawaii for the month of June. Not only did I have amazing views to look at while working, but I was also able to mix in a bit of fun on the weekends and share the island with my mom and my best friend. In July, I was able to escape the California heat wave and enjoy Lake Tahoe by spending a week in Incline Village. We saw my brother, sister-in-law, and our nieces for the first time in a year and a half! We had fun hiking, going to the beach, and playing miniature golf. I’m truly thankful for the flexibility that working for ModSquad affords me, and for these experiences.”
— Gina M.

“My dream vacation is not set at a specific location. Instead, I want to see different countries, eat their traditional food, get to know their culture, and experience nature in all its beauty!”
— Cindy Z.

“One of my travel plans is to walk the King’s Highway, running the length of Jordan. After a three-day hike through a Lawrence of Arabia-type desert on a non-waymarked path, my journey would end in climactic fashion: I’d be delivered straight to the doorstep of the ancient wonder of Petra, which I’d have all to myself.”
— Joris H.

“I want to restart our annual family skiing holiday in Morzine, France. We’ve had so much fun and wonderful family memories, which will stay with us forever. Shared experiences are the best!”
— Martin H.

“My dream trip is to have my own converted van and travel with my dog and my camera to different places — first of all, Ireland, which I haven’t been able to really explore since moving here.”
— Marcella D.

“I participate in foam-fighting events held by two groups, the Belegarth Medieval Combat Society and Dagorhir Battle Games. They’re live-action role playing (LARP) combat events where we use ‘weapons’ made of foam. This November we’re going to an event called The Winter War of Foam Fighting. We car camp at the assigned ‘battlefield’ and then enjoy full-contact foam fights. We hit each other with foam bats during the day, and hang out around the campfire at night.”
— Jacob C.

“I’d love to return to the Philippine island of Siargao. This still relatively untouched paradise has everything I could wish for. As soon as I land, I would rent a motorbike for the week, plan surf sessions, and explore the island’s natural wonders: tide pools, coconut trees, forests, crystal blue lagoons, and more. Add friendly locals, beachfront barbecues, and epic sunsets to the mix for the ultimate getaway.”
— Antoine A.

“I’m moving back to Europe after almost six years away and I’m dreaming of another big bicycle journey. Next summer I’d like to create an itinerary that starts in Bulgaria, my new home, to the Netherlands. It will include Serbia, Austria, France, Spain, the UK, Sweden, and Germany. I’d visit friends and family I haven’t seen in a long time, which would mitigate the reverse culture shock that will undoubtedly happen from traveling through so many countries.”
— Vera N.

And there you have it! We always knew we worked with an adventurous crew, and these stories certainly prove that.

What vacations do you have planned? Share your travel dreams in the comments below!

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