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Social Strategy: Cross-posting vs. Cross-sharing

“To cross-post on social media, or not to cross-post. That is the question.” — Hamlet, maybe

When you have a message you want to get out, it’s tempting to post the same exact thing in as many places as possible, particularly on social media. You want your followers everywhere to receive the same information, so it would make sense to post the same thing in all those places, right? Well, no. Not quite.

While cross-posting — the act of posting the exact same message to multiple social channels — might make sense in theory, it’s a social strategy that can reduce the impact of the message you want to convey. Instead, cross-share! This method delivers the same content to your social channels, with variables like image, copy, timing, and more tailored to each channel and the audiences that follow you there. There’s a subtle difference between the naming of two methodologies, but the outcomes can be sizable. Let us explain:

Why would you cross-post?

For one, it’s easy. It takes less time to write one post and share it in numerous places than write different copy for each channel. Some platforms even allow for automatic cross-posting with the toggle of a switch.

In some cases, cross-posting can be a perfectly fine strategy. If you’re looking to test new branding imagery or types of copy, cross-posting can be a good testing method with the purpose of customizing future posts.

Why is cross-sharing more effective?

More than likely, the same group of people are not following you across all channels. As such, you can expect the audiences for each channel to have different consumption habits, including when they are active on social media, whether they’re using desktop or mobile, and what type of content they are most likely to engage with.

When you cross-share, you’re still providing the same core content, but you’re doing so in a way that’s customized to each channel’s audience. In doing so, you can take into consideration things like:

  • Channel selection
  • Copy length and tone
  • Hashtag and emoji use
  • Post timing
  • Asset type and design — link, photo, graphic design, GIF, video
  • Audience preferences

Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram, for example, will only show a certain amount of copy before users need to click a “Read More” button to view the rest. On Twitter, however, the entire copy is displayed. The various platforms also display images in different sizes, and you are likely to find certain image dimensions capture certain channel audiences’ attention better than others.

In terms of timing, there are numerous studies on the best days and times to post on each channel, but you’ll want to analyze your own audience’s behaviors to determine what is most effective for you.

Tips for Cross-Sharing

Over time and continued analysis, you’ll hone content style for the channels you’re active on and find what works best for your followers. That said, here are a few things to consider when designing channel-specific posts:

1. Custom messaging. As stated above, this comprises things like length and tone of copy (e.g., short or long; casual or formal, or a mix of both; multi-paragraph or formatted as a list; etc.), use of emojis and/or hashtags, and more.

2. Link previews. If you’re including a link, check beforehand to see how it will display. Facebook and Twitter both have tools for visualizing this prior to creating a post, and LinkedIn will show you a link preview when crafting your post. Several third party tools will also allow you to preview your post ahead of time.

Keep in mind that options for customizing link previews will vary from one channel to the other. If you’re sharing content from your own website, work with your web development team to ensure link previews are as visually appealing as possible.

3. Use third party tools to expedite publishing. Social publishing tools like Loomly allow you to create and schedule a single post with fine-tuned copy for each channel, as well as view a preview of how your post will appear once published. If you cross-share often, a third party tool can make doing so more efficient.

4. Consider audience targeting. Facebook and LinkedIn both allow for organic targeting; that is, you can target a post to reach specific subsets of your existing followers based on age, gender, location, language, interests, industry, and more. For major announcements or other important content, also consider paid promotions or ads, which can ensure more of your followers see the post or help you reach beyond your existing audience.

5. Analyze and iterate. Your audience and their preferences will evolve, as will your social media goals and the way each channel operates. Regular analysis is key to ensuring your posts are designed for maximum visibility and engagement.

Each of your social audiences is unique, and you’ll sell yourself short by delivering the same exact content to them all. Each brand will have different audiences and goals, so there is (unfortunately) no winning recipe everyone can follow to maximize social performance. Consider best practices, like the ones we’ve shared here, in addition to your own analysis, when designing your social strategies. If you’re strapped for time or resources, our social media strategists are here to design and execute a top-tier social plan.

Project Manager of the Quarter – January 2018

It’s a New Year, and if you’re still thinking about resolutions, here’s one to consider: Be like Heather. Heather Banks is our first Project Manager of the Quarter for 2018, and with good reason. In the over four years she’s been at ModSquad, she’s managed numerous projects, all with the goal of making ModSquad feel like home to the Mods who work with her.

Heather first joined ModSquad in October 2013, after hearing about the opportunity from now-fellow employees with whom she played EverQuest II at the time. She’s since worked on projects across all our specialties — customer support, community, moderation, and social media — and her particular strengths lie in customer support and moderation.

For one of our clients, Heather manages a team of Mods who provide customer support for trading card collectors and users of their various mobile apps. Recently, Heather got a personal taste of the positive impact her team has on her client’s customers.

I was at a picnic with my husband’s family — one of those gatherings with the five million relatives you barely know. I was introduced to a far distant cousin and asked the standard questions, including what I did for a living. I mentioned I worked in customer service, and his eyes lit up. He told me all about a mobile app he had been playing; he had recently had issues with the app, but he raved about how the customer service folks were so nice and fixed things for him right away, and how he has so much respect for customer service folks. He was talking about our client. I couldn’t tell him I knew anything about it, of course, but it was amazing to see how much of a difference the team made for this one individual.

Heather’s Bachelor’s degree in sociology and Master’s in Psychology have helped her connect with the people on her teams.

I try to bring the human element to remote service. I make time to check in on everyone, and ask how they’re doing and what I can do to help them reach their goals. I try to be approachable and human, instead of just ‘the manager.’

Away from work, Heather keeps busy with a full house of family and pets: her husband Jeff, her kids Anja and Trevor, dogs Athena and Chewbacca, and Midnight the cat. She loves to hike and take in the sounds of nature, especially with her husky Athena, as well as play video games and watch her home team, the Pittsburgh Penguins, compete. She’s also a diehard fan of The Walking Dead and has the stories (and photos) to prove it.

Heather makes a positive impression on nearly everyone she comes in contact with here at ModSquad. Her advice for future Project Managers? Always strive to learn more.

“I have had the privilege of being Heather’s direct supervisor as well as colleague here at ModSquad for over three years.

“She has handled all aspects of project management. She understands deliverables and keeping key stakeholders informed of any changes or needs to timelines. She has delivered on timelines that were given with less than 48 hours notice and extremely challenging to meet with grace, efficiency, and calm under pressure. If I could clone her a hundred times over, I would and then selfishly keep them all. She is Wonder Woman!”
—Kelly Clendenning, Account Manager

“Whether you’re launching a moderation project, a community project or a customer support project, Heather can do it all. Need to launch with short notice on a weekend? Need a team of non-English Mods in every language imaginable? Heather has your back. She is reliable, hardworking, and goes above and beyond for ModSquad and her clients.

“Every Account Manager knows that when Heather is assigned to your project, the client is in good hands.”
—Jason Ferguson, Director of Client Services

Customer Service Trends to Watch for in 2018

With each passing year, the customer is better informed and further armed with tools that aid in the decision making process; it’s a development that would have been nearly unimaginable a few decades ago. With all of that knowledge and all of those options available to consumers, your favorite companies and brands have recognized the need to step things up. How will that determination to “wow” buyers be reflected in the year to come? Let’s take a look at some of the customer service trends we see rising to the top of the list in 2018.

Adapt to Your Customers

It’s no surprise that the way we shop is vastly different from 10 or 20 years ago. But with change occuring at such an accelerated speed, it’s vital for your brand to keep pace with customer tastes and expectations. New social platform taking your target market by storm? You’d better be there. With plummeting loyalty rates among young customers, brands need to serve, preserve, and adjust to their customers. You need to show a flexibility and openness to your customers that sets you apart from the ruthless competition, as Tesla famously did earlier this year when they expanded the battery capacity of their electric cars for customers fleeing Hurricane Irma. Now that’s adapting and responding with care.

Deep Dive Into Tech

Forward-thinking companies are investing in tech at an incredible rate. Think of tools like Amazon Echo; not only are they facilitating the purchase of your favorite products, but they’re also providing, in a sense, companionship to their users. Every time a consumer has a chat with a smart device, it’s creating an invaluable relationship with that brand. Another tech, augmented reality, opens up a number of selling possibilities; consider how customers, without leaving home, will be able to see how furniture looks in their house, or how clothing and makeup looks on them.

You Are Your Brand

With half of the world’s population connected via smartphone, acts of kindness or inconsideration can resonate around the globe in the blink of an eye. From C-level employees down, people’s actions can create immediate impressions of the brand they serve, for better or for worse. Think of the goodwill generated by Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff donating $100 million for a children’s hospital and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos soliciting suggestions for how he should direct his philanthropical distributions. The messages those gestures send to the public at large are stronger than ten ad campaigns.

Transparency is Key

When the reputations of companies and brands are analyzed, studies often focus on the negative. Instead of dwelling on what drives customers away, it may be more beneficial to highlight what actions you can take to win them over for good. If the old model was “for” the people, think of the new one as being “with” the people—standing alongside them throughout their transaction and beyond. Empower your customer with the information they need in order to make the choices that properly reflect their values. Stay with them through the process and make them appreciate the choice they made when they became your customer (see “You Are Your Brand”).

Is your company reactive or proactive when it comes to customer trends? What do you see as being a trend to watch over the next 12 months? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Mod of the Month – December 2017

As if this season wasn’t already merry and bright, we have one more celebration to add to the list. It’s time once again to announce our Mod of the Month and recognize them for the outstanding work they do. Please join us in congratulating our final Mod of the Month of 2017, Garry Gilbert!

Garry joined his first ModSquad project in 2014 and still works with that client today. His experience in and affinity for customer support makes him an invaluable asset to the projects he works on.

Garry works with a client that offers a subscription service for film fanatics. In the time he’s been on the project, he’s helped countless customers get the most out of their subscriptions by answering questions and resolving any issues they come across.

I am the type of person who will try my hardest at any task that I am given, but I feel like I excel in email support and moderation.

In addition to the customer support experience he garnered in jobs prior to joining ModSquad, Garry regularly draws on his experience having operated his own tech business via eBay, building and repairing computers. He took great pride in assisting those customers who purchased from him, taking the time to follow up personally with each customer to make sure things are working properly and troubleshoot technical or performance issues.

I took care of everything, from the building of the product and listing it for sale, to handling billing and payments, shipping the product, and ensuring that it arrives safely to the customer.

In his spare time, Garry enjoys playing video games (World of Warcraft, in particular), creating tech videos on YouTube, and doing product reviews. He shares his home with four cats and is currently engaged. And while he describes himself as down-to-earth, the way his project managers describe him — terms like rockstar and superstar — you’d think we had a celebrity in our midst.

“Garry Gilbert is, hands down, the best Mod I have ever worked with. He is very passionate about his work and the client’s products, and the quality of his work reflects that. He always goes above and beyond, not just in his treatment of customers, but in his collaboration with the client to triage and escalate emerging issues. The client loves him, and it was only a few weeks before they moved him into work with higher-tier customers. His personalized, freehand responses are superb. Many customers have written back praising his support. If you are looking for a shining example of a ModSquad rockstar, Garry is surely it!”
—Sarah Christian, Project Manager

“I have been working with Garry on a couple projects for about a year now. He constantly goes above and beyond to make sure he is doing a good job. He keeps up-to-date on the latest from the client and helps to make sure the rest of the team is aware. He is always willing to help out everyone when they need a day off or extra hours are requested last minute. He’s a ModSquad superstar!”
—Lauren McClune, Project Manager

“Garry is one of the most superb Mods I have had the pleasure of working on my teams. He’s fast to pick up on everything; beyond just processes and procedures, he also recognizes trends quickly and is able to come up with quick solutions to problems after troubleshooting (he’s one of the best techs I have ever known). I can go on and on about how awesome and amazing Garry is, but I will summarize by saying he really deserves recognition as one of our best and devoted Mods in our company.”
—Cathy Brown-Mort, Project Manager

It’s Our Most Wonderful Mods of the Year

Of our 10,000+ Mods around the world, there are many who have stood out over the past year. In fact, we’ve featured a dozen of them as our Mods of the Month. To add to a season already full of gratitude and holiday cheer, we took the time this month to celebrate even more of those at ModSquad who have made 2017 a fabulous year. We’ve brought back our annual traditions of “12 Days of Mods” and “8 Nights of Mod Awesomeness,” as well as added a new, special recognition…

12 Days of Mods

Our 12 Days of Mods series highlighted Mods who stood out during 2017. These are Mods who consistently deliver high-quality work, go the extra mile, and are among the first to be recommended when a project needs someone who is just plain stellar.

Today we are officially kicking off our TWELVE DAYS OF MODS celebration with our superstar Mod, David Kivlehan. David’s known as the ‘go-to guy’ for his project, particularly for his Project Manager, Mark Concannon. “He has so much knowledge on this product which makes him invaluable to the project. If I do not know the answer to a problem, David is one of the first doors I knock on and more often than not, he has the information ready. A great attitude is what David has and because of this, he is an ideal Mod to have.” We are so thankful to have such a talented and dedicated Mod here at ModSquad. Thank you for sharing your talent with us, David! #12DaysofMods #ModsNotCubes #HappyHolidays #celebration #workfromhome #remotework #thankful

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Join us in celebrating Day 9 of TWELVE DAYS OF MODS! We’re so happy to introduce you to Joris Hulstaert. Project Manager, Jenny Young had this to say about today’s featured Mod, “Joris brings a lot to our project. He is an extremely thoughtful and dedicated individual. One of his greatest strengths is his ability to engage in such a natural way on Twitter, making even the most difficult interactions seem effortless. He is hilarious, clever, creative, and we often turn to him for his great insights!” Project Manager, Matea Makek also agrees stating, "He is always super helpful with any task, and has great attention to detail." Thank you for your work at ModSquad, Joris! #12DaysofMods #ModsNotCubes #HappyHolidays #celebration #workfromhome #remotework #thankful

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Dependable, responsible, excellent product knowledge, and a team player are only a few of the strengths our Project Managers used to describe Brett Brendell, the 12th and final Mod we’re celebrating during our Twelve Days of Mods! Project Manager, Mike Poe had this to add, “Brett is super loyal to his projects and goes above and beyond to ensure that the client and project are in good standing. His knowledge of gaming and quick wit come in handy when talking with the client and reporting any issues that he sees. A true team player." Thank you for sharing your talent with us, Brett! We couldn’t be more pleased to feature you and the rest of our talented Mods this month! #12DaysofMods #ModsNotCubes #HappyHolidays #celebration #workfromhome #remotework #thankful

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8 Nights of Mod Awesomeness

For each of the eight nights of Hanukkah, we celebrated our own ModSquad miracles. These folks have made huge differences to their Project Managers, fellow Mods, and clients, and their dedication and enthusiasm brighten the lives of those they work with.

In addition to our 12 DAYS OF MODS series, today marks the first day of this year’s 8 NIGHTS OF MOD AWESOMENESS! Each night, we will be sharing a story where a Mod has exceeded expectations and stood out from the rest. On this, our FIRST NIGHT, we celebrate Natalie Sims aka Xena Warrior! Natalie’s Project Manager, Mike Poe shared this about one of his favorite Mods, “We could just go ahead and make her the Mod of the year and it would be accurate. It’s hard to grab one story among the many I have about Natalie over the years. For her current project, she loves the product and is immensely knowledgeable about all things related to it. Customers call for her by name because they know things will get handled promptly and they will come out of it with a smile on their faces. The client loves Natalie, they depend on her and she definitely earned her nickname of Xena Warrior over the years as a result. Natalie is the definition of an awesome Mod." #8NightsOfAwesome #ModsNotCubes #HappyHolidays #remotework #workfromhome #teamwork #thankful

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On this, the SECOND Night of Mod Awesomeness, we are pleased to announce the celebration of Christie Ratliff! Project Manager, Sarah Hilligiest had nothing but positive things to say about this super-Mod: “I have no idea where I’d be without her. She never misses a beat and always has just the sweetest attitude. One of my very favorite memories was when she offered to cover Christmas Eve for me because she KNEW how much it meant to me and my family. Even though that meant that not only would she have to cover HER hours, but mine as well. She did so gladly asking nothing in return other than that I enjoy the time with my kids. That was the first time in ANY working experience I’d ever had that someone put me above themselves in that manner. It meant the world to me that she CARED that it was a very important day for me and my family." #8NightsOfAwesome #ModsNotCubes #HappyHolidays #remotework #workfromhome #teamwork #thankful

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Bestofus Festivus

This year marks the beginning of a fun new tradition. In addition to our 12 Days of Mods and 8 Nights of Mod Awesomeness, we introducedthe Bestofus Festivus, an honorary title for the person among us who best exemplifies the ModSquad spirit. In determining this year’s Bestofus Festivus, we looked for an extraordinary person who truly embraces the passion and excitement of ModSquad, who goes above and beyond with the team and contributes to events to enrich our company spirit. A person who embodies the best of us.

ModSquad’s 2017 Bestofus Festivus is Danielle Ditto. One of our original Mods in Second Life and recently featured as our Project Manager of the Quarter, Danielle has an incredible work ethic, passion for quality, and an enthusiasm for mentoring others. Her positive attitude and inclusive nature boost everyone around her. She exudes ModSquad pride, regularly contributing to our social and culture initiatives and playing an active role in team celebrations and initiatives (both physical and virtual). In fact, Danielle played a major role in organizing both the 10th Anniversary and office holiday parties at our Austin, Texas office.

We are fortunate to have so many thoughtful, dedicated, spirited people within our ranks at ModSquad. Congratulations to all those who were recognized this year, and here’s to an even more incredible 2018!

Superlatives from ModSquad’s 10th Anniversary Bash

As we look back over 2017, celebrating ModSquad’s 10th anniversary was certainly a highlight of the year for the team. In September members of the ModSquad family joined together to celebrate our tenth anniversary in a fantastic virtual bash in Second Life. One of the highlights of the event were two ceremonies (one for Mods, one for Managers) that called out the winners of a yearbook-style “Most Likely To” round of voting. Whether the honorees felt a sense of pride at their achievements — or, in some cases, a bit of good-natured ribbing — all agreed that the naming of these ModSquad Superlatives were among the memorable moments of the anniversary bash.

Now, as the year comes to a close, we’ve been thinking back to all that’s transpired over the past 12 months, and it seemed a fitting time to present these honorifics to the world at large. To all of the following team members, we say, Thanks for being such a vital part of ModSquad, and keep up the good work!

Most Organized
Mods: Aunya Scroggs
Managers: Gen Hopwood, Katie Carson, David Follo, Michelle Ramage, Kelly Clendenning, Heather Banks

Most Helpful
Mods: Aunya Scroggs
Managers: Katie Carson, Amanda Hayworth

Most Humorous
Mods: Autumn Harrison, Liam Bishop
Managers: Hauke Denissen, Susie South, Kenny Peebles

Most Company Spirit
Mods: Rebekah Good, Jessica Start
Managers: Izzy Neis, Tera Tilden, Katie Carson

Most Tech Savvy
Mods: Shane Beeton, Garry Gilbert
Managers: Josh Smith, Matt Hostler

Sends the Funniest Memes/GIFs
Mods: Marcio Lopes, Nate McCrossan, Tyler Coudriet

Most Entertaining at a Party
Managers: Danielle Ditto, Rich Weil, Izzy Neis, Tera Tilden

Most Likely to Spend All Night Gaming
Mods: Jessica Start
Managers: Tim Hayworth, Josh Smith, Josh Hagood, Matt Hostler, Mike Durrant

Most Likely to Have Timesheets in On Time
Mods: Vincent Valenson, Kristy Cuthbertson

Most Likely to Respond to your Email at 2am
Managers: Katie Carson, Jason Ferguson, Gina Miller, Izzy Neis

Random Honorifics

Most Likely Online and Working at Odd Times of Night or Weekend: Gina Miller
Most Likely to Rock the Socks Off of the Client: Chrissy Williams
Most Likely to Practice Random Acts of Kindness Throughout the World: Gina Marie Weiss
Most Likely to Make the Honor Roll: Marie Hall
Most Likely to Have the Best Vacation Pictures: Daniel Gonzalez Menez
Most Likely to Yell, “You’ve cat to be kitten me right meow”: Christie Ratliff
Best Herder of Cats: Crystal Litzau
Most Kind-Hearted: Lauren McClune
Most Knowledgeable of Random Facts: Kevin Dudenbostel
Most Likely to Be Working at 2 am: Cathy Brown Mort
Most Likely to Paint a Llama: Izzy Neis
Most Knowledgeable of All Things: Josh Smith

There you have it, ModSquadders, a lighthearted list of our most admirable traits, enviable skills, and offbeat talents. Next time an Account Manager needs a particularly helpful or tech-savvy Mod, or just needs a sweet llama painting ASAP, they’ll know who to call. It’s one of the many reasons we heart ModSquad.

Community Management: Plan for What You Can Predict and What You Can’t

The biggest mistake any community manager can make is assuming nothing bad will ever happen. The reality is that issues large and small will crop up throughout the life of a community; it’s up to the community manager to have plans in place to address both the ones they can predict and the ones they can’t. We recently shared why structure is so vital to the ongoing health of your online community. Equally important is being ready for those unexpected and unfortunate moments that happen every now and again. For example:

  • Bots have invaded a forum community and are sending spam to all your members.
  • Users are outraged and vocal about a major announcement you just made on behalf of the company.
  • Your game servers crashed and there is no ETA on when they will come back.
  • There’s been a security breach and your users’ private information has been compromised.
  • Your cereal changed its recipe and everyone hates it.
  • There is a PR crisis spreading across your social channels, and it’s growing worse by the minute with your public community.

Any and all of these can happen (and have).

A community manager is a central, core figure between customer support, marketing, PR, and the direct audience-base. In times of trouble, a community manager is a general on-the-ground for a company, working within all stakeholder teams to get organized and direct with customers and communities.

In order to ensure issues are addressed, if not solved, quickly and with as little damage as possible, it’s important to have your community manager craft escalation paths ahead of emergencies, with all important parties. There should be separate paths for escalating the various types of issues you can reasonably plan for — server outages, shipping delays, product discontinuation,, bot invasions — as well as ones for public relations crises and other unpredictable scenarios. Keep in mind the importance of scalability for emergencies that require “all hands on deck.” Being able to unlock immediate access to necessary moderators or community staff is key.

To the point of scalability, it’s a given that your team will need to take time off for vacations, holidays, illness, or unexpected emergencies. There are also going to be times when a major announcement or event (or, dare we say it, crisis) creates significantly higher activity within your community than you see on a typical day. It’s important to have plans that keep your community covered at all times.

In many cases, it doesn’t make financial sense to rely entirely on internal, full-time staff for coverage during these times. A solid outsourcer will work to provide you with community management and moderation support, building a schedule of coverage exactly for when you need it, and supplementing your team with the resources and support vital to your business. Ideally, your outsourcer will also staff your needs properly with agents who share your community’s interests, making it much easier for them to understand and connect with brand-specific operations, tones, and the community discussions being had.

There is no “secret sauce” to managing a community, as each one is unique and requires its own strategy and approach. The best community managers are nimble and adaptable, and there are tried and true practices that can be applied generally to help ensure all I’s are dotted and T’s crossed. An ounce of planning is worth a pound of peace of mind.

Account Manager Spotlight: Stephen Dunne

For this installment of our Account Manager Spotlight, we travel to Derry, Northern Ireland, to catch up with Stephen Dunne. Stephen recently joined ModSquad and is based out of our Derry Operations Centre. On his off hours, Stephen spends most of his time with his family. “My daughter is part of the Northern Ireland Junior Archery Squad, so we spend a lot time travelling around taking her to competitions,” he explains. “And the wee fella, well, he’s just an awesome bundle of energy.”

Stephen’s also passionate about the volunteer work he does as chairperson for the Northern Ireland Kidney Patients Association. “Eighteen months ago, I received a kidney transplant, which transformed my life. Now, with the rest of the committee, I do as much as I can to help other people across Northern Ireland in varying stages of renal failure.”

Tell us about your background and what led you to ModSquad.

I’ve spent most of my career working on either the vendor or client side at many companies, from managing day-to-day operations to building an outsourced international customer service footprint. My roles have allowed me to travel the world, through Europe, Asia, and North America, and I’ve gotten to meet many wonderful people on this journey so far. ModSquad lets me virtually meet even more awesome people across the globe with our remote working model and our varied list of global clients. I became aware of this opportunity through Steve Henry, ModSquad’s VP, Client Services. Once he talked me through the ModSquad model and culture, I was sold. I couldn’t wait to join. I haven’t looked back since.

What are you doing in your current role?

As an Account Manager, I am responsible for the ongoing relationship between ModSquad and our clients. It is my goal to ensure the success of the projects, and continued happiness of the amazing clients I work with. I am genuinely lucky to have superstars working across my projects.  As part of my role, I interact with the great bunch of folks here, helping to build the ModSquad culture and spreading the news of the great work we do.

Can you share a rewarding experience you’ve had here?

We work with a very large tourism client. Upon reviewing our first year with them, our team not only delivered on a complex project, but also helped the client transition from a traditional phone-based contact system to focus more on email, social media engagement, and community building. It’s been a great journey and a terrific success for us and our client.

I recently got the opportunity to attend Shoptalk Europe with one of our sales VPs in Copenhagen. It was a great chance to see a beautiful city, but more than that, it was a great opportunity to share the ModSquad story, network with other vendors and conference attendees, and share the benefits of our business model and how we put that into practice every day.

What sets ModSquad apart, in your opinion?

Determination! Everyone I come across is determined to do a great job and find ways to improve. There’s a real can-do attitude, and everyone is prepared to pitch in and share experiences when needed. We are very adaptable, which is great for clients, as we can flex around their changing needs. For instance, one of our gaming clients came in with a quick ramp-up schedule and a short project duration. We held our first meeting on June 1 and had Mods in place by June 3. The game took off and our requirements almost tripled within the first few weeks, and the Project Manager and her team demonstrated real strength and flexibility. The best thing? That short-term project extended their engagement and is still with us today!

Any great stories that stand out in your memory?

What can I say? I arrived during a good year! We celebrated Derry’s second anniversary and ModSquad’s tenth anniversary by throwing two parties. It’s been great getting to meet the folks who don’t work out of the operations centre. Meeting the great bunch of people who make up the services team, including the other Account Managers, has been a highlight. Everyone has such varied backgrounds and it’s great to throw ideas around with such a diverse pool of people.