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Alumni Spotlight: Winter Mullenix

Winter is here! No, we’re not talking about the time of year—we’re talking about Winter Mullenix, the focus of this installment of our Alumni Spotlight. Winter worked for ModSquad from 2012 to 2016 and impressed a lot of folks along the way. During her time with us, she worked as a Tier 2 Mod, performing social, moderation, community management, and customer support work for such clients as Topps, Picaboo, and Spacetime Studios.

She transferred from ModSquad to join Robot Entertainment and help with the launch of Orcs Must Die! Unchained, and then, in the summer of last year, to a gig at Playful Corp in Texas, where she’s currently a Community Specialist for the independent video game developer. We caught up with Winter to learn about her background, her work for ModSquad, and what she took away from her time with the company.

Tell us about your background prior to ModSquad.

I grew up playing the piano and writing music, but chose to focus on primatological studies in college. At the time, my ultimate goal was to join the conservation efforts in Madagascar. While attending college in my early 20s, I landed some runway modeling gigs which tangentially led to a publishing deal as a songwriter. I had to make a tough choice: Join Duke’s primatology program on scholarship or chase my musical dreams. I chose to take a chance on my talents, and immediately entered negotiations with record labels from there. I learned a lot about the entertainment business during that time, but ultimately turned down the offers to uphold my artistic and personal integrity. My scholarship offer for primatological studies had long expired by that point, so I had to explore other paths. I knew I wanted to stay in the entertainment industry and work on the creative side of things. I started writing for a game magazine and eventually got a community management contract for a major MMO. I fell in absolute love with the game industry and have been driven to be part of it since.

What brought you to ModSquad?

Publication of the magazine I was writing for had ceased and my community management contract ended. I was attending SOE Fan Faire and was introduced to ModSquad’s Rich Weil by a mutual friend. He explained what ModSquad is and expressed interest in my skill set.

What were your thoughts as you worked for ModSquad?

I was deeply impressed by the range of job opportunities available within ModSquad’s infrastructure. Every single position felt like an open door and a chance to grow and learn new skills.

Did the flexible scheduling help you out?

Absolutely! I was able to give my all and work very hard on multiple projects without sacrificing time with my family or on the piano.

How was it working with the other project managers?

ModSquad’s project managers have backgrounds that span many industries and countries, so along with different backgrounds, they brought profound insights and unique strategies to the table. Everyone was very professional, and I loved the fact that we were encouraged to learn from and work alongside one another.

What skills did you take away from your time here at ModSquad that you wound up using on later jobs?

I learned how to strategize and tailor my approach for different studios, genres, and gaming communities. No two game studios or communities are the same, and different genres foster very different social dynamics. I also learned how to work together with different departments and build a comprehensive, integrated plan. I use these skills daily and it has definitely opened doors for me.

Why do you think the ModSquad approach is optimal for both Mods and clients?

Mods get to make connections, learn new skills, and grow in their chosen field, while clients get professional, custom-tailored coverage plans to accommodate their needs — it’s a win for everyone all around!

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Posted on November 20, 2017

Wahoo Winter! Congrats on your successes! 🙂

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