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Alumni Spotlight: Jennifer Lowe

The Alumni Spotlight fires up again, shining its lens on superstar J.Lowe! No, no — not that one. We’re talking about our very own superstar, Jennifer Lowe! You see, back in the day, ModSquad was graced with two fine social media dynamos, both named Jennifer Lowe. Since they both went by “Jenn,” we had to come up with another way to distinguish them. So we affectionately called the subject of this spotlight “J.Lowe.” We’re sure the jokes never got old, oh no!

J.Lowe (okay, okay, Jenn) came to us in 2010, a recently graduated high-honors student from UC Berkeley. She excelled at ModSquad for more than three years, working her way up to become our senior social media manager. These days, Jenn spends her time in San Francisco, working as a content and communications consultant for companies like eBay and The Rainforest Action Network. Let’s catch up with her and see if she’s still the old Jenny from the block. (Sorry, we couldn’t resist.)

Tell us about what brought you to ModSquad.

I had recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in anthropology and a minor in education, and I was looking for my first gig. I was passionate about making an impact on the world through technology and media. I discovered ModSquad, and they were working with such exciting clients, from film production companies to virtual fashion worlds. I also found the people and my manager to be highly supportive with incredible backgrounds. The ability to work remotely was great, and it totally changed the way I envisioned the world of work.

What do you think about your time here?

I learned so much from my time at ModSquad. I received an incredible amount of personalized training from my manager. It was truly a world-class experience. My clients were fun and exciting, and I felt extremely fortunate to work with them. ModSquad was invaluable for learning all of the rules of business that they don’t teach you in college, everything from writing proper business emails to prioritizing multiple projects and tasks.

Did the flexible scheduling help you out?

Yes! Since I was saving at least an hour every day by not having to commute, it gave me the flexibility to take evening classes in subjects like Photoshop and go to the gym.

What was it like working with the various project managers?

All of the project managers were very professional and had a lot of personality! Everyone was unique and had their own interests. I felt fortunate to be working with such a diverse range of people who showed up to work as their true selves.

What skills did you take away from your time at ModSquad that made you a stronger asset in subsequent jobs?

So many! I learned the art and science of creating a marketing one-sheet (a one-pager that guides anyone through your project plan). I learned how to take detailed meeting notes and compile reports, focusing on takeaways, observations, and next steps. And I learned how to write emails that were both conversational and to the point.

Why do you think the ModSquad strategy is optimal for both Mods and clients?

The ModSquad strategy is great for clients because they’re not limited by the talent pool in their area. ModSquad has an incredible resource in its network of Mods. If you need to ramp up really quickly, ModSquad can do that. And then if you need to scale back quickly, you can do that too, and the Mods are assigned other clients or projects to work on. They’re quite flexible. For Mods, it’s great to have that flexibility to set your schedule. You’re not limited by location and can work for clients all over the world.

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Talk Back

Teresa Taylor
Posted on February 14, 2017

I am just now starting a new career with ModSquad, and am doubly excited now! Success stories are great!

Posted on February 14, 2017

You got the “famous” nickname! 🙂 Thanks for doing this Jenn, and continued success in your future endeavors!

Amy Pritchard
Posted on February 14, 2017

The best part of the story is she found us by googling her own name. It was awesome!

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