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Account Manager Spotlight — Jay Averill

Being a ModSquad Account Manager takes a unique set of skills. Just ask Jay Averill, the subject of our latest Spotlight article. In his role as AM, Jay works to ensure that ModSquad delivers the customer experience clients are looking for. He explains, “I work with our clients to help establish processes that drive continuous improvement, and with our own people to execute on those plans.”

It has been a delight getting to know Jay, who’s nearing his one-year anniversary here at ModSquad. He and his growing family live in Austin, Texas (home to one of ModSquad’s Operations Centers). With a three-year-old son and a seven-month-old daughter, Jay’s probably even busier at home than he is at work! (Lucky for him he’s the energetic type.) Still, he finds time to experiment with his new smoker grill, which keeps his mind off the lack of professional sports to watch right now. We pulled him away from his grill to catch up with Jay and ask him about his work as a ModSquad Account Manager.

Tell us about your background and what led you to ModSquad.

I grew up in the Bay Area of California, in the same city where Electronic Arts (EA) was founded. During my teens and early 20s I had the opportunity to work for EA, Sony Interactive Entertainment, and other gaming companies. After working in finance for a few years (and for the TSA for a while), I got back into the games industry. I spent 15 years working for games companies and for contact center partners working with gaming clients. During that time, I moved from the Bay Area to Austin. I’ve had the opportunity to work with many amazing people, including a few who moved from video game companies to ModSquad. Last year, when I was looking for my next new challenge, this opportunity with ModSquad came up. It seemed like a great fit, and I was eager to learn more.

Can you share with us a rewarding experience you’ve had here?

There have been so many great experiences in the year since I joined ModSquad! For me, the most rewarding experiences are helping people and businesses advance and grow. There is nothing more rewarding to me than talking to people, learning what they want to achieve, and then helping them get there. Helping to identify strengths and put people into roles that they enjoy and can excel in is an extremely rewarding experience, one which I’ve been fortunate to be a part of many times at ModSquad.

What sets ModSquad apart, in your opinion?

For me, it’s the constantly evolving set of challenges that make each day unique. Because we work with many different companies across a variety of industries, you never know what may pop up on any given day. Providing this flexibility, and doing so via a global workforce, almost all of whom are working from home, really sets ModSquad apart from any other company.

During this COVID-19 pandemic, it’s been fascinating to me to see how different companies have been affected and how we’ve been able to help them overcome these challenges. With our remote workforce, we’ve been in the unique position of being able to service our clients without disruption.

Talk a bit about some current success stories.

We recently took on a new project where our client had not used remote employees before and was a bit apprehensive about how effective a remote model could be. We assembled an amazing group of Mods and quickly eliminated the client’s concern. The project has been a great success and the client consults with us regularly to learn more about our best practices.

The biggest success by far is the culture that we’ve created here at ModSquad. Everyone is excited to work each day, and everyone does a great job on the project and has some fun doing it. We all work incredibly well together. The people on my projects tell me that this is their favorite job and that the teamwork and communication is better at ModSquad than anywhere else they’ve worked. That’s the greatest success I can ask for.

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